the week behind, the week ahead

It's been a tremendously difficult week at my office and I won't say more for the sake of privacy but I will say that it galvanized our staff in a remarkable way.

In the meantime, K and I are off to London! Tomorrow!
Have I packed? No.
Have I thought about what we're doing there (besides working)? No.
Have I had my bangs trimmed? YES.
Have I told you about my Japanese hair stylist? How she cuts each hair on my head individually? How amazing and precise she is?

K recreated Big Macs right down to the special sauce.
I shared one with Oldest and it was so good. Sinfully good.

Who did I see whilst commuting?

This adorable little old man who takes little bits of chocolate from his pocket and savors each bite.

Can you see this girl's wonderful sneakers?

I "blackbirded" her (gave her a nod and thumbs up whilst pointing to them).

This gorgeous girl - she had the most beautiful skin - had a deep blue french braid in her mostly buzzed hair.

We're going to:

cross Abbey Road
visit a museum
see Harrods
eat here
and I am going to meet Alice

it's time to get excited.

And pack.


alice c said…
And I am going to see YOU!!
Travel safe.
Paola said…
Oh I wish you a wonderful, gorgeous, happy trip.
Enjoy adn hug Alice for me.

Those shoes are NASTY. I can't.

kt said…
(pouting here)
Cool folks on da subway.
Yummy eats with yer menfolk.
Voyage to one of my fave places.

Jealous much, me?
Why yes, yes I am!

(waves and grins now)
Loretta said…
Oh, so jelly! Have a total blast and do it all!
Wendy said…
I would spend the entire trip fondling fabric at Liberty of London.
Scot said…
I'm getting my hair cut this week also - once a year, whether I need it or not! It's that time of year again.
Wow! The menu at the Blackbird looks great. You two gotta try the pie board., they all sound good.
Have a great time, we're all looking forward to the pictures.
KPB said…
Oh have a wonderful adventure!
Katharine A said…
As museums go, I recommend the Museum of London, to see the Cheapside Hoard , 16th Century jewellery. Worn in time of Queen Elizabeth 1st. I've written about it here