some important information regarding London, in photographs

1. If you bring a massive suitcase full of light stands and tripods and other camera gear I don't know the names of, it may be opened by the TSA. Don't worry, they left a very polite note inside it.

 2. Londoners drive wee tiny cars and great hulking Land Rovers. Because of course they can.

3. New York danger signs are not so, uh, poetic.

4. The Court House has a red door.


 5. The word "cock" is in a lot of their names and we are juveniles.

6. The seats in the tube have cushions. CUSHIONS, PEOPLE.

7. Go to the Blackbird pub at Earl's Court. Order the house special pie.

You will not be disappointed.

8. There are many wonderful names for English gas remedies. Deflatine is my favorite.

9. If you go to the Lebanese place and order the olives, be prepared for A LOT OF OLIVES.


 10. The gentlemen wear Barbours.

 11. The elevator speaks. And she's a little pushy.


KPB said…
I'm so excited for you. You know you're there during when the London Marathon is on? A friend of mine is there at the moment shopping up a storm as some last minute training for it.
Susie Sunshine said…
This is so educational! Why in the world do we not have Wind-Ease this side of the pond?!

Is it lovely to hear British accents nonstop? I think I would like that very much.
Anonymous said…
I will direct my daughter over here for tips. She is going from Amsterdam to London for Easter weekend. So envious. I did warn her you said Amsterdam had muggers of Nanas. She said a fellow student was mugged twice but the second time the mugger just took his french fry cone. Hm.
TX Carol
Paola said…

Thanks for the photos, you know us all too well.
Leweyb said…
mind the gap
Scot said…
WindSetlers sounds like people who crossed the plains in covered wagons. Love it!
See, and you thought we'd all laugh at cock - DO NOT SAY "THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID!!!
Hey, while you're there, ask someone what those zigzag lines on their streets are all about.