Work has been somewhat stressful of late and I've taken to spending weekends unwinding with jigsaw puzzles. Maybe I've mentioned it.
I did an Edward Gorey puzzle that I got for Christmas a few years ago (and had brought on several vacations but never done), and moved on to a couple of puzzles I had in the basement. It was very satisfying. 
When I finished the puzzles in the house I bought a new puzzle whilst waiting for my train one evening.
Majestic lions.

So. Very. Majestic.
It took me many weekends to finish.
Many. Weekends.
The whole family cheered me on.
So many grasses and furry bits.
But, there was one problem.

I was missing a piece.
Now, everyone in my family knows that, in my youth, whenever my family was doing a puzzle, my dad would pocket a piece so he could put the finishing touch on whatever we were building and they teased me that his spirit, somehow, hid this piece from me. We spent days looking. We moved furniture, we tore the living room apart, to no avail.
Finally, K came up with a solution.

He scanned the image on the box, printed it on photo paper, scaled it to size, removed the nine pieces around the missing one, traced the missing bit on to cardboard, mounted the image on the cardboard and made me a new piece. It was a glorious solution to a very vexing problem. We rejoiced.
I put the puzzle away and started a new one.

I've spent this weekend on the new puzzle - a seascape with a cottage and lighthouse.
I grabbed a sweater this afternoon and kept working after I did some housework.
You can see where this is going, can't you?

I reached into my pocket...and there it was.

It's a metaphor, people.


Anonymous said…
And a beautiful one.
Plus, your family's creative problem solving is outstanding.
Anonymous said…
it was his birthday this week
Paola said…
Anon's comment made my skin crawl.
The power of love is neverending, I always say it and I firmly stick with my belief.

K, you are above and beyond amazing.
blackbird said…
In fact, it was my dad's birthday this week and I have no doubt that he was messing with me!
Anonymous said…
What a fun twist!

K is the greatest.

I have no doubt the puzzle piece was a sign from your dad. This happened to my Mom when she thought she lost one of her Christmas angels.

I am having diabetic issues and this morning the RN handed me the card for my next appointment.... on my Dad's birthday. Hmmm.

There is not enough Xanax in the world for me to do a jigsaw puzzle.
kmkat said…
K is amazing. And dedicated to making your life better. What a guy!
Wendy said…
K MacGyvered it!
RW said…
That is a most awesome story.
heidi said…
This is my favorite Blackbird post, by far...