love it/hate it

Love it: "extra fancy" dried pears.

Hate it: my feet hurt almost every day.

Love it: my Muji Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser.

Hate it: a particular side-effect from a particular medication I will likely need to take forever.

Love it: Zara shoes/boots.

Hate it: the way the house smells after K makes french fries.

Love it: cleaning the lint trap.

Hate it: folding the laundry.

Love it: contemplating new fabric softener.

Hate it: going to the supermarket on my day off.

Love it: lavender, always lavender.

Hate it: dry cuticles.

Love it: my work community.

Love it: the haiku contest we just had.

Love it: the rain on the roof.


Anonymous said…
I too love haiku
look! made one for you right now
here in the comments.

Paola said…
You wear Zara shoes and THAT is why yoru feet hurt. I find Zara products quite cheap and would never buy their shoes.
I hate lavender.

But I heart you.
I love folding laundry, I hate ratty cuticles.

I go to my daughter's house and fold all her laundry and she pays for me to get regular manicures.

Anonymous said…
I'm with you on most of them, especially the french fry smell. *shudder*
Anonymous said…
Trust me.
Start being good to your feet when it comes to shoes.
And learn stretches/exercises for just them.

unless you don't mind not being able to use them sooner than you would ever imagine.

Be there. Done that.
It truly sucks.
Especially if you live to walk the way i did/wish i still could.
and for some of us, there is no cure. And there's no way to know if it's gonna happen to yours.
Sometimes i'm actually envious when i see amputees with prosthesis running/walking and wonder if i could talk a doc/insurance company into it. That's how truly messed up it can get.