London, part two

Oh what a night I had. I'd love to tell you all the names of what and where I was, and I could with a map, but I'm feeling lazy this morning. Hungover a little and lazy.

I took the tube to meet Alice.
I met Alice.
I have "known" Alice, she tells me, and I believe her, for seven years.
So, this was quite a meeting.
We sat for a while just looking at each other - taking it in, laughing and thinking.
She is, in a word, adorable, and she brought me on a small adventure across the river (I walked on a bridge, high up!) and through a park and to a restaurant where I drank far too much whilst staring at the view and sharing family stories.
What can I say? Knowing but not knowing someone this way is a difficult thing to explain. To have known her for so long but never actually met her puts one in an interesting position. Of course we only tell part of our lives here.
So, we took turns asking questions and filling in details and had an enormously good time.
Alice was keen to show me everything she could in those few hours and I absorbed what I could and am left with a general impression of a beautiful sunset and golden light on historic buildings and the talkingtalkingtalking.
She had thought drinks after dinner would be nice but I had been working and was tired and just drunk enough to require a taxi which sped me back to my neighborhood as the driver pointed out Buckingham Palace and many other important buildings.
It was an extraordinary evening.

In other news,

I've been having hard cooked eggs for breakfast.
Very pretty hard cooked eggs.

A shot of the under-bridge skate park where Alice and I watched for a bit, for some boys I know.

I love my new shoes even if they left my feet bloody.
Honestly, I do.


 I've got a new favorite.


L.P. said…
Wow, I love your shoes, too! Sorry about the blood, though.

You sound like you're having a grand time. Keep it up!
Eleanor from that commentbox said…
This commentbox is filled with sweet nostalgia.

Alice & bb - my fairy blogmothers x
Anonymous said…
Fabulous outfit and I'm not even seeing the whole thing.
Paola said…
What a disappointment to hear those shoes are uncomfortable to the point of bleeding! I'd fallen in love the second I saw them.

I am so really happy you and Alice finally met. You two are amazing and this meeting should have happened long ago.

To more to come!
driftwood said…
I think you picked the perfect word to describe Alice.
Love the London photos. It's one of my favorite places on earth.

I'm sure K could recreate the Blackbird Pie if you get a craving.
kkc135 said…
I. AM. So. Jealous.

Be sure to check out a Tesco and their candy selection. Maltesers and Penguins are our favorites and their crisps have interesting flavors.

Wish I was there……….
Duyvken said…
Gorgeous shoes! Pity about the pain. Have fun on your travels, dear bb.
Anonymous said…
How delightful that you met your friend!
Those shoes are stunning.