While we have some pretty swell department stores where I live, none of them have food halls.
A long time ago, before I had a blog, K and I visited Paris where he fell in love with some ham in the food hall at Bon Marché. We may have eclipsed that with a taste of Freddie.
We were introduced to Freddie by the butcher at Harrods, who carefully took a slice from Freddie's leg, hoof intact. It was some glorious meat which was far too expensive for us to buy, but, at the urging of a woman with an Hermes Birken bag at the counter, we did go for the ox tongue. She explained that we needed good bread, which we got, and some english mustard. It was amazingly delicious.

That it is a department store is one thing - that it is a food hall is even more enticing.

We got a pork pie. DELICIOUS.

 Some wild boar salami. TERRIFICALLY GOOD.


That's Freddie at the top of the photo.

We passed on the caviar.


I very much wanted to buy K a seafood lunch - but other adventures awaited us in the toy department.

 A diamond encrusted iPhone? Anyone?
75,000 pounds.


 A 39,000 pound toy Land Rover?


I thought about getting the lion for Middle.
He likes big cats.

4000 pounds. And, for my mom -


Something I heard about for most of my childhood - a Philip Laverne table. Carved and then buried for decades to illuminate the illustrations. Often heard about, never seen. It was a wonder.


She has always wanted one.

xo, Mom.

We're off to the Tate Modern and then home!


Paola said…
I went through Harrod's very quickly, I remember it was flooding with Italians.
Who wants that! LOL
LOVED Fortnum's instead, I had the poshest coffee with Alice there.
Paola said…
Also, can't open and comment your V&A post.
I lovex100 the V&A! And the Tate.
alice c said…
I bought my wedding dress in Harrods.

Travel safe and happy landings. So much to tell your boys!
Duyvken said…
Oh how wonderful! I am off now to read up on those coffee tables.
L.P. said…
Amazing, all of it!

heidi said…
My mother bought a Laverne cocktail table from an estate sale when i was 4... we drove home from the city with it on our laps, hanging out of both sides of the car, windows open.
kmkat said…


Please excuse the shouting and vestigial exclamation points, but I HAVE MISSED YOU SO MUCH!!


Google came to my rescue (finally). Have a lovely time in London!
Anonymous said…
The food hall was my favorite part of Harrods, too. Wonderful and beautiful and staged like a medieval banquet!