whiskey, the week in review, with pictures

It was, in fact, a week for whiskey, tissues and xanax, as my dearest work-friend resigned and has left our company.
Above, from her going away party.
She was important, very important, to the company and is very dear to me.
I am struggling.

(Open Design is a location within the office.)

She is a whiskey lover, and worked on the big whiskey project, hence the bottles. We had lots of whiskey, she and I, before her last day, and, if I didn't walk away drunk those evenings, I walked away stunned. I've been so distracted I'm often not sure of my footing. I cannot fully explain how this turn of events has effected me.
I need time.

On another note:

Some men have been very busy.


I've built a rug for the lobby.
With my friend P.

I designed it on the Flor website, had 30 carpet squares shipped to us and enlisted his assistance.
Am presently being hailed as rug genius and, I must say, I do love it.

And, so, when one faces adversity, one buys shoes...at least I know I do.

I'm off to London next weekend.
More on that later.

xo, people.


Paola said…
How sad about your dear work friend. I empathize.

That carpet!!! It's AHMAZING.

And the shoes? I'm in love with them.

I can't meet you in London, got the first clients of summer '14 arriving on Saturday.

Anonymous said…
I am still sort of reeling from my best work friend's departure....last May! I miss him daily, and while I see him outside of work from time to time, it's just not the same. I think it's akin to grieving the loss of a loved one in many ways, don't you?

Love the shoes!! And the rug.

kt said…
Yup, whiskey is correct. My favorite boss left last August; we still talk, but it's not the same as laughing in her office and making fun of the corporate-babble we are forced to utilize and endure.

Hope that London will give you a lift and that you travel safely.

flickr: &*(!!@*4*56**7!!
L.P. said…
I'm so sorry about your friend/co-worker. It's a big adjustment for you. I hope she left for something even better... Although I can't imagine what could be better than working with you!
Duyvken said…
Oh I adore that rug. So sorry your colleague and friend has left. I hope you will be able to keep in touch?
It's so sad to lose your best work friend. It looks like you gave her a great send off.
KPB said…
I came back to work after having Jasper and my boss resigned . It was never the same.

That rug? You are a genius.
michele said…
sorry about your friend, but what a memorable sendoff. love the first photo composition-very wes anderson-esque. the rug is a masterpiece and the shoes will look smashing with your Burberry (?) overcoat.
caron said…
Whiskey, Tissues, and Xanx, we should all hope for such a send off. May I have permission to post this photo to facebook to make certain my friends know what i want my funeral reception to look like?
RW said…
Hmm. I feel for you. I have lost touch with a dear co-worker I was very fond of. She has dropped off the face of the earth; she does not answer texts or phone messages. I worry about her. I miss her a great deal. We laughed so much and we could reel off the StarTrek Deathstar Canteen dialogue ...nobody
else gets that.

Enjoy London,
blackbird said…
Feel free to use the photo - I hope it's a long way off!