We've had a pretty terrific piece on our blackboard illustrating "Common Above Ground Pool Shapes." Because, you know, there are only a few above ground pool shapes.
But we had grown tired of staring at them at dinner time and I had been asking around, searching for another fabulous illustration for our dining entertainment.
Fortunately, Middle's pal B, a design school graduate, showed up the other night.

So now we have the Golden Ratio...and couldn't be happier.



Duyvken said…
You're too cool for school, bb. I love your dining room blackboard idea.
I also love your chalkboard.
I googled Golden Ratio. I still don't get it.
Also, the OCD in me would have taken a damp rag to the chalkboard before the Golden Ratio appeared.
KPB said…
If you hung out on FB at all (get onto that will you), you'd know that Mary and I have a catch-cry for anything numerically orientated. It's appropriate here. NUMERAL.