the week in review

I realize that it is only Thursday afternoon and I'm closing down the week a day or two early but ANGIE IS VISITING ME and I have lots of activities planned.

Of course, it's been one hell of a week punctuated by late nights and strange weather.
Spring tries to push through.

We went to the movies, as you know.


I lost my hat and found my hat and lost my hat and found my hat.
This is a weekly routine.


My Nikes arrived and I am walking.
Walking as hard and fast as I can.


 Some upheavals at work this week prompted several of us to adopt this wonderful phrase.

Middle and his friend S

have been playing Magic cards at our table.
It's fascinating to watch and boring at the same time.

My Wednesday was exhausting, but ended with a browse through one of my favorite stores -

 and a wonderful dinner out - and the late train home.


And now, before flickr* eats my photos AGAIN, I shall sign off.

*Note to flickr: get your shit together, please. 


kt said…
Oh, AMEN sistah! disappoint me.

(the polka dot socks RAWK! I have bees on mine today)
Paola said…
Love the quote, must try not to forget it.
Those cards reminded me of a new board game I played just once and fell in LOVE with, but I can't recall the name :(
Anonymous said…
Totally stealing that saying now that I'm back in a high school classroom...
KPB said…
Magic cards? I would have been screaming "LAME-O" complete with making an L with my left hand at both of them. I hate magic as much as I hate group work.