the week in pictures, or part of it anyway

I made this last weekend.
K had to prop a "cafe" and brought home some salt and pepper shakers.
Pin away! (I laugh as this is as crafty as I get!)

Great, eh?
There is a wealth of original art in my office - one of my friends chose this piece last week and it suits him perfectly.

Walking home one night I asked for a sign and got one.
For now it may be the sign of a dream deferred but I'll keep you posted.

Did you read this? It's a good one. Too lazy to link. Sorry.

Perhaps not newsworthy to you, the soda machine was out of order this week.
One word, people: PANDEMONIUM.

Our town is nearly clear of the giant piles of snow (the train station lots still have 20 foot tall mountains of it) and this picture doesn't quite capture it, but it's a great time to own a Jeep as you are able to park it atop a three foot pile of ice.

I've taken the subway this week, for reasons, and have seen these little girls every day.

They always make me smile.


Scot said…
I don't know that I'd want my car photographed in front of the Happy Ho! Sounds like a really bad Ho House.
Paola said…
Oh I love that list!
Anonymous said…
That's a DOUBLE sign.
I wonder about a coworker for whom such a picture is perfect...he must be an interesting fellow.