seriously, 57 million

I know 57 million people have seen this but I just caught up with it today.


It's so lovely.

Tough week, last week, but this week Angie is coming to visit!

Is this dress wonderful? This dress is wonderful.

What I'd really love is a wardrobe from The Row.

I've got a pair of Nike ID's in black on black on black on black and I intend to WALK MY ASS OFF this spring.

I'm a Type 2...and I think I really AM a Type 2.

I'm shopping for stools for a company project and it is a minefield of ugly. This one, I like.

Off to see this tonight.

You know I love jargon.

I bought four different sizes of Minnie pants. They all fit. They're all black.

London, people. 21 days.

Sweet Child of Mine, NOLA style.



Susie Sunshine said…
I'm all :) :) with an extra side of !!!!!!

RW said…
There was serious goodness to be found here at this post. For some reason I was oblivious to the new movie but, you are the second person to reference it today. It has gone to the top of the list of movies to see. The dress is awesome. The pants are awesome. You are going to London? Have you done a spring fashion post? I am just starting to catch up again... I'd appreciate your wisdom on what's what.
Scot said…
I'm pretty sure I told you that I tended bar the whole time I was in college. Those terms aren't exclusive to the east coast. Most of those terms are very familiar, some not, some missing. I'd venture to say that every time you go into a bar with a staff that works well together, you're given a nickname.

I loveLoveLOVE Open Culture! I always find something new or interesting there.
Scot said…
So how was the movie? Did he really throw the cat out the window?
Paola said…
These posts of yorus give me so much to think about.
And no, I was not in those 57 million.
KPB said…
That first dress is lovely but for $168 the least they could do was hem the bastard.

And $1,700 for that sack? Do not get me started.

That stool, while cool, looks dreadfully uncomfortable. Although stool and comfort don't really go together I guess.

I like that Minnie pant. I have good legs and no arse, have I told you that tasty morsel before?

Can NOT wait to see the Budapest thing.

I got the Nike Dart blue on black. So far my ass isn't falling off because the dog's legs are too short. I need to start walking without the dog.

Love the jargon!
L.P. said…
Can't wait for your Budapest Hotel movie review :)

I tried the minnie several years ago and they were ill-fitting. Plus they were unwashable (I tried and they came out all messed up). But good black pants are worth their weight in gold.