new favorite

I have a friend who sometimes plays Would You Rather with me.
Like Would you rather be a fireman or a plumber?
Would you rather drown in the ocean or be lost in the desert?
Would you rather lose an arm to save someone's life or the ability to speak?
Sometimes her questions are dark, sometimes they are funny. But the other day she said: you are an attractive person, and you style yourself to be more attractive, right?  Right, I guess.
But, would you rather give up just 50% of your looks if you could be happy?
And I thought for a bit. I do like the way I look and I do work to look nicer, more enchanced, if you will. And then I realized something and looked at her and said: well, it's not that I don't want to give up what I have, but I am happy.
No, I mean really really happy, said she.
No, I mean really really happy, said I.
And that's the truth of it. I have made a conscious decision to be happy and I am a happy person.
I have faced some adversity, had my share of tragedy, been sad, but at the core of myself,
I am happy.


I can say I'm happy when things are going along with no major crisis. I'm the most happy when I'm hanging out with the husband or one of the kids.

That Happy song had me doing a car dance at the bank drive-thru yesterday.
Wendy said…
And that's why it's wonderful to be around you.
alice c said…
What Wendy said.
I choose to be happy, even though I bitch a lot. Bitches gets it out though and then I'm happier sooner and more.

Love the music. Enjoyed the visit.
heidi said…
Me too. But I'm afraid sometimes, to say it out loud or write it down... it might get taken away.
Anonymous said…
An excellent choice, my dear bb.

Anonymous said…
What a blessing to know that.

My kids love this game, but it's always super gross stuff and I'll tell them, "Neither, please." They insist you must choose.