It’s not that I don’t like cold weather. You know I love cold weather.You won’t hear me pining for the summer and 80 degree days.I love coats and sweaters and hats and mittens.I like wearing boots every day, even if it does mean wearing socks, which I don’t really like.I like winter food too…soups and stews and pot pie and shepherd’s pie.But, the thing is: it’s been weeks and weeks that I wake up and put on tights and an undershirt and a sweater and a big scarf and something warm for my feet and head. Weeks and weeks. I’ve distilled my wardrobe down to about seven outfits because I can walk to work in them without freezing and then remove a top layer at the office.I haven’t seen a ballet flat or oxford in months.  It’s like dressing for battle --- and I suppose that’s exactly what it is.The evenings are getting lighter though. It’s not so dark when my train comes up out of the tunnel and it seems like that may be the end of the snow (there’s still a good six inches of snow near my house and the driveway is still ice).Youngest has a class, three days a week this semester, that gets out at 9:00pm. He’s good and catches the 9:19 but K and I have to trade off suiting up and going to get him from the station at 10:00. There have been nights when I leave a full layer on after I get home and crawl into bed with leggings and socks. There are nights when it is 9º.I've bought a couple of things to bring to London from Madewell and H&M. My version of high/low.  I’m bigger around the middle than I used to be and am not digging through things to see what doesn’t fit before I go away.And! I changed out the elastic in my amazing Vestaire skirt from Quotidienne. The waistband was pinching me terribly and I was in agony at the end of the day. When I took the original elastic out I was shocked at how tiny it was – no more than eight inches long! Aren’t you so proud of me? I hemmed a skirt too.Oldest did two gigantic tattoos this week. It fascinates me. A macaw? Really? The length of your arm? And a rose as big as your head. He sketches first and works from transfer paper, so both clients approved the drawings before he inked them. I mention this because I would freak out if someone tattooed a giant bird on me and I’m his mother so I worry. I also worry because he dropped his gun and stuck himself in the hand trying to catch it. He followed all the procedures for when that happens but will have to have blood tests. The needle went through his glove and I could tell that he was concerned but not getting crazy and for that I was thankful.After writing about being a happy person the other day, someone wrote to me and said something like: so, you always look at the bright side? And I realized that that is not true at all. I am a happy pessimist. I do not think the glass is half full. But shit happens. It does and this is what we have and I am happy. Someone else hinted that I was tempting fate, so I’ll shut up now.


Dan Renzi said…
Is he friendly with the person? They can get HIV testing kits and do them right there in the tattoo parlor. If he contracts it, it won't show up for a few months, so there's nothing he can do about that on his end; but at least he could know the client's status. He can offer to do part of the work for free in exchange for doing a test. They take 10 minutes. He'll also need to get tested for the hepatitises (is that the correct plural spelling?) but there's no testing kit for that. And as a tattoo artist he should (hopefully) have his Hep B vaccine anyway.
Scot said…
It was 66 here today. 66! Unfortunately it's supposed to snow tomorrow and Saturday. It seems like spring is trying to punch its' way into Colorado.
I try really hard NOT to bitch about how cold it's been/is because I know I'll bitch about the heat come summer. I'm much more of a winter person. And yes, I'll admit I have thrown snowballs at complete strangers...
In my opinion the glass isn't half empty or half full, it's just twice as big as it needs to be.
Paola said…
I'm the last person who should comment on weather and winter temps, so I won't.
Ouch to Oldest and please get tested asap.
Also, I am the queen Mother of pessimism so my glass is broken.
It speaks to your son's talent that people want work of that size on their bodies and he's the man to do it.
I confess, hearing you east coast folks start to change your tune about cold weather does make me're getting a taste of our kind of winter and now appreciate how battle weary we become by February. Everything we do, every time we leave the house is a major undertaking. Winter is such a tiring season, my whole life I've scoffed at those who love sweaters and scarves and soup. That's half my year, it has no romance for me!
RW said…
oh man. I hear you about the weather. Today. Finally it felt like the tide was turning. We turned our clocks forward and is so light out at 4pm.. it is a bit mind boggling. To top it off the sun is shining and I walked for the first time without a toque.
L.P. said…
(My iPad hates blogger, it eats my comments most of the time!)

Winter in the Pacific Northwest is so different from the Midwest (where I grew up) it's hard to compare the two. I don't mind the winters here in Portland—they are mild, but very long.

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