blackbird's Two Minute Movie Reviews

We saw The Grand Budapest Hotel last weekend and it did not disappoint.
I realize that's not exactly a rave, but there's so much to see and keep track of.
For me, watching a Wes Anderson movie is like being immersed in a fairy tale for two hours and that's exactly how this one feels.

Every detail, no matter how small, relates to the story - right down to papers and buttons.

The story is fantastical and wonderful and complex.

The characters are skillfully and carefully drawn and there are so many, played by so many notable actors that some might be missed in a blink.

The hero.

His protege.

The bad guys -


The lovers.

The cameo.

The Society of Crossed Keys mini sub-plot was one of my favorites...and there is a chase scene and it is always snowing and the prison break is hysterical and I'm sure, were I able to remember each tiny detail (someone told me, yesterday, that players in a Wes Anderson film only move in straight paths, never circles) that I would appreciate it even more.

It is a delight.
Go! This weekend!


Paola said…
Oh the anticipation!
L.P. said…
Anonymous said…
You describe my experiences with WA films perfectly. They ARE like fairy tales.
KPB said…
Can not wait. Must go and find out when it's out here.