blackbird's two minute movie reviews

I waited, patiently, for Gravity to be available on DVD.
I had no desire to see it in IMAX 3D.
I have no wish to approximate floating endlessly in space and yet I do appreciate that it must have been an extraordinary experience to see it in the theaters.
So, what can I say about this fascinating and beautifully filmed cinematic exploration of someone who is in constant danger of floating away, endlessly, in space?
It was beautiful.
It was emotional.
Sandra Bullock and George Clooney were wonderful (even if I did sort of think it seemed like George was phoning it in just a little bit).
It was a heart-clutching, nail-biting, thrill ride.
I loved it.
It was good to have a whiskey near-by.
So (SPOILER ALERT), by the time Sandra crawled onto land and said thank you, I was pretty thankful as well.


I think it would give me an anxiety attack. You were smart to see it in the comfort of your own home!
Scot said…
I want to see this movie but I get claustrophobic watching submarine movies. I'm thinking tin cans are the same whether they're under the ocean or out in space.
I just watched RUSH. Good movie, had me on the edge of mt seat.
Paola said…
OK. You got me curious. I shall watch it (for some reason I wasn't attracted to it).
I've watched American Hustle the other night. Loved it.
But my favourite? Blue Jasmin. cate Blanchett KILLED that role.
Paola said…
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Anonymous said…
My good friend gave a similar review. She, however, was not at home with whiskey.