random for your Saturday

We are expecting snow.
We have so much snow around our house that I'm thinking it will take weeks to melt.
There are layers of ice in it too.

Ho hum.

I've got a three day weekend and a puzzle to finish (I seem to leave the skies for last) and Olympics to watch.

Did you see Johnny Weir? He got a little catty the other day re someone's thick legs but Tara shut him down pretty quickly.

This is an absolutely splendid list of Modern Curses.

Mr. Neistat says he edited himself to make it seem like he's better at snowboarding than he really is. Whatever. I love it all the same.

One would have thought that just after he'd invented the beautifully graceful and silent door, he'd have found a way to have the floor stop creaking.

So perfect. So fast. We had to stop the video several times to prove to ourselves that everyone was doing his job.

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KPB said…
The creaking floor!
KPB said…
May your juice fast never end. GOLD
Paola said…
I had to Google Neistat, never heard from :( but I loved his video.
God, that floor!
F1 pit stops have always been epic.
I love your new colours, soothing.
alice c said…
And why would we not?
Anonymous said…
Yes--that floor! But a cool door.
And amazing efficiency on the racecar front.
That snowboarder made me think of my slalom days as a waterskier.
Brilliant curses. Thick haired children always with nits. Oooooh.
Unknown said…
love that ferrari video, incredible