my week: 14 photos


I only have blue pieces left. This is not my favorite puzzle. There must be puzzles with digital photos now, yes? I'm going blind from this one.


Somebody get this. Are you seeing this? Is there enough red here? And, what, we bought this salt to match stuff? 


The hat, the boots, the jeans. This kid had it down.


My god. Potato and Four Cheese Soup? Sign me up. It was like eating the macaroni and cheese cheese sauce with no pasta. Cannot do that every day.


No potato soup for me! Art Director friend brought in salad, wrote me a how-to email and I am going to give it my very best try. I am a little nervous about telling K I need a couple of those screw-top containers (we have a lot of containers) but they are essential because of their weight and leak-proofness.


Little kids, sparkly hats, my commute. The level of layering/bundling up in NYC this past week or two has been truly amazing. If my hands weren't mittened I'd have dozens of photos of brave city people - or, more accurately, their coats, hats and scarves.


The view to my left. My pontification re corporate Instagrams: I believe, if you are instagramming for your company, you are, I feel, obligated to curate the photos to reflect the aesthetic of your workplace. 
End of rant. It's possible my co-workers may be the only people who get this piece of my post today.


I've got my plane tickets. I'm going to London in April. Good thing I bought that trench coat as I believe the weather in London in April will be very similar to the weather in Germany in October.


Youngest had a tough first week back at school and was not a fun travel companion. He managed to snap himself out of it on Wednesday, sneak into my office, and leave me flowers and a sweet note.


And chocolate too. Such good chocolate.


My little brother rolled into town with some very fine real true moonshine.  It burned and tingled and was powerful. And great.


Bald guys. It's what's on the train after a fire closes down one of the tunnels and then the station and you have to go to a bar to wait it out with some work friends.


Which brings us to Friday.


When I looked up from my puzzle and realized there were SIX men in my house.
I can't even.


kmkat said…
I have been reading Madame DaFarge Knits on Tumblr this winter -- such fabulous knits, perfect for the NYC layer-er.

Youngest is now vying for Middle's place as My Favorite. Flowers! Chocolate!
L.P. said…
Wow, Youngest brought you flowers and chocolate? You raised that boy right.
Anonymous said…
London in April!
Sweet gifts from your son!
Sparkly hats!
But that's so vexing when you get to the end pieces, isn't it?
I've been to London in April twice. The weather might surprise you and you might not get rain. You'll definitely want your fabulous new coat for the cooler temps.
Paola said…
That girl: she had THE LOOK too.
Red. there was red sauce as well, I mean, did you REALLY plan it?
Bald men: brave, they're wearing no hats.HA.
Youngest: clever young man.
London: yet another place I dream about going back to.
Duyvken said…
I feel smarter just looking at that shelf. Superb.
KPB said…
Did I tell you Chef now makes his own rum and gin. Highly illegal which makes it taste even better.