love it/hate it

Love it: snow storms. I can't get enough and there is one predicted for tomorrow and another for the weekend.

Hate it: is less reliable and runs sensational news stories in the sidebars.

Love it: I'm bringing salads to work this week. I made them last Sunday and feel virtuous.

Hate it: my Nikes had to go back and I have a new pair on the way - but they won't be here till March.

Love it: there's perfume on the neck of my sweater and I catch a whiff now and then.

Hate it: dental implants are so expensive and the only alternative.

Love it: this map of the internet is the most wonderful thing of the week.

Hate it: why is the hostess of the travel show I'm watching dressed like a hooker?

Love it: nachos.

Hate it: my skin is very dry.

Love it: my Muji scent vaporizer/humidifier thing.

Love it: anything lavender.

Love it: my glittens, bought on the street, ten bucks.

Love it: Dance Moms.

Love it: my new puzzle - In The Land of Windmills.


Paola said…
Gee, you're hit by snow storms over and over. It's crazy.

Mmmmmmh, nachos.
Anonymous said…
That map is incredible.
KPB said…
I've been hearing about all your snow and am deeply envious. But I'm confused. In such cold weather you're eating salads? And making them on a Sunday for the week ahead? How does that work? Soup dude, soup.
Wendy said…
Kim, I will gladly give you all of our Chicago snow now. I have run out of places to put it.

I get the salad thing. I think winter makes me eat more (for insulation?) and I'm feeling decidedly thick around the middle at this point. I've been eating salad and soup while dreaming of spring has definitely gone downhill in recent months. Far less reliable and, as you mentioned, filled with sensations (and often disturbing) stories.