the food network

The scene: bb and K have taken up residence on the couch and have spent the day watching cooking shows. It is evening and they have had wine.

The television: the kale is gently sauteed and then we put the roasted fingerling potatoes on top of it. Finally we top that with the roasted portobello mushroom with chimichuri sauce which tastes exactly like a perfectly grilled steak!

bb and K (in unison): the HELL it does...what a crock of shit...I KNEW they were going to say that.

The channel is changed.


Scot said…
I know it's related to broccoli, cauliflower and brussels sprouts but, which I normally like, but do you think anybody, anywhere EVER said "mmmmm....Kale!"
Paola said…
I just wrote a whole nice comment about vegans and their contraddictions but I deleted.
I'll just say I never had kale and leave it at that.

Adventure Otaku said…
Kale is awesome..... If you cook it with bacon.

LawBelle said…
LOL - I went shopping yesterday with my mom and we were debating whether to grab supper afterwards, when Mom says, "Well, I had kale for lunch ...". Kale for lunch ... you DESERVE to have a really nice supper out then, to make up for it, Mom. My treat.

I will also say, while I really LIKE portobellos, they do NOT taste like meat. At all. Your men-folk are spot-on. :)
Anonymous said…
*fist bump*
I love fellow carnivores.