We had the nicest dinner with friends last night.
They were, from head to toe, adorable.

Everyone had cozy socks.
Two of them had wonderful mittens/glittens.

Though I've seen them for years, I'd never tried a pair on - they are so soft and wonderful I'm presently obsessing over a pair.
D had rubbed Thieves Oil on her hands so hers smelled wonderful too.
Smitten, I am.

I may have to set myself up...


We had chicken persillade, risotto, salad and M brought a Saint Honore which I did not take a picture of because we ATE IT GONE.

Those are our very famous/much loved rosemary roasted cashews. We ate them too.

I've had a week, I'll tell you. That's me waiting whilst Youngest has his second round of oral surgery for his dental implant. It took an hour, thank god for my headphones (loud tv in the waiting area) and he did well and is recovering. He's such a good guy about these things.
See ya, Mom, don't worry about me, I'll be fine, he trots off.
They bring me to him in recovery and he's a little bloody and woozy with an icepack.
Mumbling, it's fine, I'm fine, while I wring my hands and listen to the follow-up instructions.
Halfway home in the car we had to pull over to give him pain medication.
This stuff takes a toll on me from the start, but I let people upset me all week, I let them, and by the time I got to this I was wiped out.
I had a little cry with K and I'm getting my head together today so I can face the week stronger.
Maybe I'll go get some Thieves oil and fortify myself.

As yesterday's favorite was from Middle, here's one from Oldest.
It's Korn with a backwards K, doing one of my favorites.


Paola said…
Lots of nice things but then ... the oral surgery left me in a lump. I hate surgery of any type and hearing Youngest is so good about it can only lift my spirit. Glad to hear he's such a trooper about it, God bless him.
Your friends and dinner sound divine though.
Anonymous said…
Glad your week ended on such a high note. Your poor son, having his mouth torn up like that.
Nothing worse than when they are sick or in pain. Especially when they are so good about it.

I'm sorry people are getting to you. I had a similar week. The best part of the week so far was an impromptu thursday night dinner at a Thai place with the mister where we both agreed all we really wanted was their excellent chardonnay.

Hugs to all.
KPB said…
I've been offline for weeks - Chef broke the hard drive on my computer and it's still getting fixed. Today (Monday) I've stolen his as I have to work. I am bereft without it I tell you.

On top of that Oscar's been in hospital for two weeks. We are finally home home (he's been having gate leave but still staying in overnights and us having to head back in during the middle of the day for IV drugs)and here I am.

I hear you on how these things wipe you out. I hear you loud and clear. I do hope he's well on the recovery path and start slapping those other people.
KPB said…
I'm going to have to go and look up what a persillade is (it looks delicious) and is there any chance you can share the recipe for your cashews?
Duyvken said…
Oh bb, sending you love.
Hope this week is a little less stressful.
I had a little cry on Friday when I realized I had forgotten to do a court ordered traffic school from my car accident and my driver's license had been revoked!
Cape Cod/Florida Transplant Kid is my chauffeur this week.

Wishing for speedy healing for Youngest.
Poppy B. said…
Owie ow ow that implant sounds awful--poor youngest and poor you.

But you know, kids are really a different species, and what bothers us so much barely registers with them sometimes. Like the cold--yesterday I had to interrupt a conversation with Miss Buxom to pull on another cardigan (I was already wearing one) and a pair of Uggs, and she sat there in jeans, t-shirt, and bare feet. And Toby's heat lamp was on, so I know it wasn't just me, it was COLD.