new favorite

For more information about this ten minutes of Beethoven, which is actually only about 30 seconds of Beethoven digitally stretched to ten minutes, I invite you to listen to this episode of Radiolab.
Now you, too, can become obsessed with hearing 24 hours of the Ninth Symphony.
And, if you'd like to tune into a 24 hour webcast click here.


L.P. said…
I love Radiolab! My station seems to play the same episodes over and over, I need to start listening to the webcasts.
Scot said…
I love NPR on Saturday mornings. I listened to that same show about time yesterday. It reminded me of a question on a philosophy final in college...Without using the term in your answer, define time.
Did you also listen to This American Life and that HORRIBLE story about artificial calamari? I'm never eating calamari again!