Is writing about the weather on that list of things a person shouldn't blog about?
It is notable, all single digits and zeros. I still love it. I know, I know, you don't believe me. You think I'll be pining for warm temperatures and trips to the beach. I won't. I promise.

We've had snow and wind and bitter cold and I love every minute.
We had to close the office. (I say we because my boss is traveling and I, somehow, got involved in making the decision to close the office, in much the same way I got involved in some art decisions and a product line development and so many other things. Am I going on?)

My brother B asked for an "open back door" shot. This was about halfway through.
I need to shut off that flash.

The evening commute was impacted.

Look! A car with all of my favorite numbers.

And, in that car, this woman sat next to me.

And, when she stood up, a big guy sat down on my shoulder.

Let's change the subject.
I saw this at the liquor store the other day and thought Middle might appreciate it.

Turns out he dislikes it. I know because he had already seen it, declared it "stupid" and over-designed and expensive.

Just because he has expensive taste (Burberry suits) doesn't mean he has bad taste.
Bullet dodged eh?


Paola said…
It's cold. It's all over the news. I was worried but didn't want to mention because we're not supposed to talk about the weather, right?
Thanks for the update.
kmkat said…
I am loving this winter, too. Lots of cold, lots of reasons to pile on the hand-knits, lots of reasons to keep knitting at top speed.

Um, who said we shouldn't blog about the weather? I must have missed that memo...
Anonymous said…
Unbelievable weather. I wondered how you urban folks were dealing with the snow--I mean, you have to put it SOMEWHERE and get out of the way whilst it gets a quarry? the ocean? where???
A couple winters ago when it snowed so very much the dump trucks were always on our road bringing loads of snow to the quarry nearby.
Stomper Girl said…
Snow on the doorstep seems so exotic. We would have to drive out of town to see it. Although it occasionally snowed in the city I grew up in. Everyone would get wildly excited and rush out to take photos - in the says BEFORE social media!
KPB said…
I yearn, YEARN to live somewhere that gets properly cold. ie I want to live somewhere where it snows. Instead I'm in virtually in the tropics FFS.
I can't abide by those angel wings on her arse. Not pleasing at all.

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