color search

We're researching a paint color for our bedroom.

I know, we know, we want it to be a blue gray.

But it's hard to find one that isn't too blue

or too green

or too gray.


kmkat said…
I quite like that last one. Will the woodwork be painted white? That would be my dream bedroom.
Paola said…
I am with kmkat, the last one is the only one with a chance. Maybe search from that, around it, slightly before or after (if there is such a list).
Don't go that gray on me, I think you'd be tired of it before you finish painting.
Tricky, but more blue grey seems more restful somehow.
Wendy said…
I painted my bedroom Revere Pewter (Benjamin Moore) last Wednesday. Love it, but it's a taupe grey - no blue in it. I'm headed back to the paint store today to pick up chips for a blue grey to paint Chris' nightstand and my desk chair. I'll let you know what I find. My bedroom walls now remind me of all the Japanese fabrics I adore. Soon - a quilt to go with them!
Shinny said…
Try one shade lighter, you know how the paint chips have three versions of the same color? I get bunches from the paint store and tape them on my walls so I can see what looks best in different light. I change my paint colors alot. ;)
heidi said…
PMS 549 uncoated
Suse said…
Yes to the last one,but also to the second one.

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