but where's the original content I can almost hear you saying

Yes, yes. Well, I'm having a bit of a time - at work. Nothing terrible but things are stressful.  I am working on a trip to London, though. It's not definite yet so I am trying not to get too excited. That and having a thousand things to do before I can go to London have kept me from boasting about it. It should be finalized some time next week.
K has some things here and there to keep him busy, though Oldest is not busy right now. Youngest is home for winter break and the fellow Middle shoots for is on a winter holiday, which makes us a complicated bunch, now that I've written it out.
I've talked before about not updating here and was convinced, by Alice I think, that as my audience has been here all along, there is little need for the kind of content I used to provide.
I'm not sure I agree but here we are.


That's my cloud poster. Lovely, yes?


Middle is working on perfecting his egg cooking technique.
I am a little obsessed with eggs right now.


That's a beautiful corner of the house I rented for K's birthday.
I am dreaming of our return this spring (perhaps).


This morning, whilst waiting for my large decaf latte, I stood and appreciated the coffee shop downstairs from my office. The owners, a couple, are adorable, the coffee, tea and pastries are wonderful and I feel at home there every day and I love it.

Still, I was feeling pretty defeated today when I got on the train and then I saw this


and, really, how can anyone feel badly about their day in the face of a huge balloon delivery? 

Then I remembered a conversation I had earlier with the new guy at work.
We agreed that being optimistic and happy is the only way to be and I remembered that, for the most part, I am not able to maintain a bad mood.

Have you seen the latest episode of Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee? You ought to.
Then do yourself another favor and watch the Acura commercials. They're wonderfully funny.

It's Friday night and I have a three-day weekend.


CB said…
I really enjoy your blog. You have interesting/great taste. I am from a small town so I love to see what is going on in a big city. Take care.
Duyvken said…
Just lovely. Even the links are very you (not that I know 'you' but perhaps you understand what I mean. That balloon delivery delights me.
Paola said…
I started watching that video but can't go throught it all right now. Let me just tell you there are 2 of those Fiat600 in Positano exactly like that, one light blue and one beige. They're adorable. But seen in the middle of NY traffic scares me greatly I have to say. Chic but dangerous.
blackbird said…
K and I encountered the yellow one at the gas station!
Anonymous said…
You write thoughtful pieces, whatever the content may be, and do it regularly. I will always look for your posts, and should thank you more often. Oh, London, a favorite place. Carol
whitneybee said…
I love reading whatever it is you have to say. I especially love these little snippets of your day/life. Whatever you post, I will read, does not matter how often!
Anonymous said…
Hearing your report on London would be a great treat--imagine your Tube observations!
Any shop--coffee, restaurant, shoe, grocery--that makes me feel at home is a particular pleasure. How nice for you to have one AND it's conveniently located.
kmkat said…
Middle's egg technique looks pretty darned good to me. Maybe you should buy him a set of those metal rings that make the cooked eggs perfectly round.
kmkat said…
Middle's egg technique looks pretty darned good to me. Maybe you should buy him a set of those metal rings that make the cooked eggs perfectly round.
Anonymous said…
I am a huge fan of your content... In anything you chose to post. But the fashionista in me does enjoy your NYC fashion photos too!