a busy week: Oldest, Middle, and Youngest

Youngest is holed up in his room. He's on winter break from Art School and is a gamer.
I spent Monday taking him to doctor appointments for a variety of reasons and next week he will have part two of his oral surgery to install a dental implant.
We did a great deal of research to find a replacement for a favorite sweatshirt of his and settled on one on eBay. I've had his suits dry cleaned and have been good about not mentioning the condition of his room. Did I write that he was on the Dean's List for exemplary grades last session? He was. He has a heavy course load again this semester and two nights of the week he finishes at 9:00pm.

Oldest is working hard to network in tattoo world. Last week he was invited as a VIP guest to attend the 103rd birthday of Sailor Jerry. I've no idea what this means, only that he got free drinks, was photographed a lot, was very excited and was given the obligatory Sailor Jerry swallow tattoo as a gift.

One simply must have this one he tells me (he's able to say that about several) and I praised him for not getting it on his neck. No neck tattoos in my house. Anyway, he was pretty chuffed, passed around business cards and came home beaming.

Middle? Middle got to wear the suit.

And the shoes!

A terrible shot, I know, but I didn't have a very willing subject. He had the shoes made, mind you, because what else would one do?
Middle has a friend who assists a very famous photographer and so Middle is invited to all of his openings. He texts me from these things and tells me who he is standing next to (usually because he finds the people fascinating looking and not because they are celebrities).
He looked very handsome.
He shot with K this past week and slipped on a couple of cement steps in the rain. He's got some nasty injuries on his back where he landed on the edges of the two steps but he's healing.

I am never bored living with the three of them. They are wonderfully different.


kmkat said…
Please, please, please have Middle's back x-rayed and CAT-scanned and MRI-ed from here to Sunday. My husband fell off a ladder 30 years ago but never followed up on the injury. Two years ago he found that the chronic and increasing back pain and sciatica he suffered was from a vertebra that was injured in that fall. It was disintegrating and causing pressure on the sciatic nerve. He had 2 back surgeries (one a spinal fusion to relieve the nerve pressure, the second because he got an infection) and will always have the back pain.

Had to google Sailor Jerry. I quite like Oldest's tattoo :-)
Stomper Girl said…
Congratulations to Youngest for making the Dean's List. I also like the swallow tatt, and approve of the neck policy. Hope Middle's injuries are not serious. He looks very sharp in his suit send shoes.
tut-tut said…
Glad you are all doing well; have not had any tattoos here, but did experience, briefly, a flirtation with a nose ring. Glad that L saw that many 'moms' were getting them, so therefore they were consigned to the 'absolutely not' category.
Anonymous said…
*low whistle* Nice suit.
And that's great accomplishments by both youngest and oldest.
Good call on the neck tattoos. THose are dreadful to cover up--I have a strong hunch that my sister's are a large reason why she has a tough time getting a decent job, though that could have as much to do with Midwestern view on the subject, too.
Paola said…
OK, now I am scared about the fall after reading kmkat's comment. I'd go for a check-up.
That said I so love the fact that your boys are so different, you are constantly faced with so many wonderful things, from the tats to the Dean's list. One can never say you get bored!
And Middle? How can you not LOVE (don't tell him!) a boy who calls his mom to tell her who's next to him, for what he/she is wearing and NOT because he/she's a celebrity. That kind of eye is only for a few.
YES! He looks sharp and gorgeous in that suit, and the handmade shoes only top it all off, like a plump red cherry on top of a fluffy cake.
Jen on the Edge said…
Thank you for the update on your young men. All three are so interesting and talented in their unique ways, and I always enjoy hearing what they are up to.