the Sunday report

Look, I realize it is totally a first world problem, but re-upping the lease for our Jeep was a tedious bit of business yesterday.
I'm going to miss the way our old Jeep looks...


all square and retro.
Our new Jeep is a shark.


See? It's come right out of the ocean.
That's the color too - True Blue.
Anyway, we pick it up next weekend and we do like it. It's just going to take some getting used to.

Screen Shot 2013-11-26 at 7.52.20 PM

Middle asked for this tie for his birthday.


He was sweet receiving it.


In his bear slippers.


I decorated the was a bit of a struggle. Washi tape is not strong. Pretty, not strong.



this light-up Jesus looks like Oldest!


(Worst photo ever, taken whilst running for a train.)
There is a superb string quartet playing at the train station these days. Not kidding. Extraordinarily good.

And the food truck outside my office has returned, bigger and better than before. Same great guys.


Meanwhile, upstairs at my office, I've encountered this:


Have at it.
Several of us have decided we're going to stick them on our shirts on days when we require some "sensitive time."

Finally, a story from the office.
A friend received a box of products from a company wanting to work with us on a project. She gave away several items to co-workers but her assistant found one jar of jam to be somewhat repulsive looking and from there a game progressed.
Several days later, D taped the offending jar of jam to the underside of A's desk.
A discovered it a few days after that and hid it in a drawer in D's office.
D found it in the desk and hid it again in A's work space.
A hid it in D's space and D began working on the finale.
For several days she worked (I'd come upon her with the door closed, covered in tiny bits of paper) to achieve the perfect hiding spot.


She placed it inside a very thick book and slid the book on A's shelves.
I don't know how A found it, eventually, but it was brilliant.
I do love where I work.

Tomorrow, five groups of employees will visit retail shops to see our products in situ. I've been paired with two people from Design, one from Marketing and two from what I'll call Development.
I'm looking forward.


Anonymous said…
Your office people sound smart and funny and nice. I'll bet that jam is pretty good, though. On bread with cheese.

Have a good week! I am looking forward to having T and W as days not on, but OFF. I will be the Christmas conquering hero. At least that's the plan.

Paola said…
It is VERY different but nice!
Love Love Love the garland.
Tell Light-up Jesus he needs a braid.
L.P. said…
Well, it's ALL looking very good...

From your lovely boy Middle with his fabulous bear slippers to your new shark (I do love the look of your old one too though) to the mystery jam! Plus string quartets and exceptional food carts make life very good indeed.
Anonymous said…
Oy to the jeep.
Joy to the slippers!
I admire your ceiling and your co-workers.

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