From Middle.

From Alice.

From Dooce.

I Kickstarted this.

What would be really fun: I'd like to win Lotto tonight and buy this for Middle.

Watch this -

then this

and tell me it's not true!

Choose your object, choose your print, buy it.

Finally, this just in from my brother B, who points out that it's marketing, but still - it made me cry my make-up off this morning.

Bravo Westjet - it's not easy to surprise me with a flash mob kind of thing these days.


Paola said…

Sting: it's HIM

WestJet: low blow, of course you got me!
Awww, I understood every word that old Sting said! But I do love the Family Guy! (Maybe less without Brian...)

Also? I did not expect that to make me tear up. So brilliant!
heidi said…
WestJet.... so so so brilliant!!
alice c said…
WestJet! Amazing - what an idea!
kmkat said…
Of course, that baby covered in hand knits (from Alice) will be reblogged on my blog :-)
Anonymous said…
I don't even LIKE babies, but THAT BABY in the HAND KNIT! Awwwww....
westjet video has me in tears now, how incredible!!!

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