on the couch with Middle

My first day off!

What's doing?

Middle and I spent some time with our laptops in the living room watching Friends.
No matter what they do, there is no good way to sell perfume on television...It SMELLS great! says Middle after we watch the third particularly stupid high-concept perfume commercial.

The halls are decked.

We are pretty much ready for the holidays.

Wednesday was the office party.

And, if I may say, as the party organizer, it was pretty swell.


That's a stuffed, roasted porchetta, which the manager of the restaurant threw in as a gift to our staff. It was amazing.

It's all about food right now. That's an espresso and a wonderful panettone from my boss.

We are learning the new car and drove it into town to the German butcher to put together a care package for K's dad.

So much good meat!

Have you seen this?

Do you remember this?

I cannot stop laughing at this.

And then, there's this -

I've had all these tabs open to show you.

You know you've wanted to know where the Christmas tree salesmen pee.

Sweater-biting. It's what's happening right now.


kmkat said…
Back the day -- wwaaayyyy back in the day -- my MIL always refused to buy food from a street vendor because she was pretty sure they couldn't wash their hands after peeing in a nearby vacant lot.
heidi said…
That Droid commercial! But also Ellen. And Bill. All great.
Anonymous said…
Your halls are gorgeous, the office spread looked delectable, I love that darn commercial and around here the Christmas tree guys pee outside...but I never considered what it must be like in NYC to manage that. Country people are spoiled with a lot of privacy.
I could totally see being a tree seller. Hm.
L.P. said…
That espresso and panettone look really good right about now.

And you sure know you how to do up a holiday right!
Scot said…
I love that Verizon ad. It's so weird! And the Bill Murray dollar really cracked me up.
Left over panettone (if there is such a thing)makes great french toast.
As for the perfume ads, it's kinda nice to see Gaspard Ulliel (that walk!) Charlize Theron, Grace Kelly, Marilyn Monroe and Marlene Deitrich again. Those ads are so old but I liked them then and I like them still. Middle is right, there is no good way to sell perfume on the television, so you might as well be outrageous. In the past few weeks 5 people have asked me what song Dolly Parton was singing in that perfume ad (like I would know Dolly songs?! Seriously?!) I finally figured out what they were talking about, it's not Dolly Parton - it's Beth Ditto and Gossip.
The original video is good, the LIVE version is, well, outrageous!
You gotta see this:
I don't speak German so the interview is lost on me but still...OUTRAGEOUS!
I finally got to see her live, she IS a force to be reckoned with.
Paola said…
Can I just say I am Italian, I live in Italy, I am surrounded by hundreds of different brands of panettone along with bakery ones.

I never eat it until after the holidays. It's not planned, it just happens each year, and once I had a slice, that's it. But pandoro ... is the DEVIL, I'll never eat that.
The new car looks spiffy - even though seeing it all round the wrong way and on the wrong side kind of makes me skeevy and woozy all at the same time.

Edward Norton. *sighs*