notes from the office

It's a very busy time at work but each day is tempered by lovely moments.
Yesterday I went out to fancy lunch with two women I hold in high esteem, the day before I spent quality time with another co-worker, and today was the Great Sample Sale Downstairs.
A huge portion of the staff shops at the Great Sample Sale Downstairs and it is an annual event most of us look forward to. We have special shopping hours and an additional discount off the already low prices and my favorite thing, aside from the shopping of course, is the comparing.
All morning long, and into the afternoon, we shuffle around the office with big brown paper bags of loot. We compare what we've bought, admire the purchases of friends and talk about what we might go back downstairs for. Each of us has her own way of describing her purchases (we have a low percentage of male employees) and it's delightful to hear why certain purchase decisions were made or not, I think.


My dear friend, J, has bought beautiful things for her sister and a couple of items for herself. I know her sister has dealt with a family burden of late and I also know that J is very generous.


It's E's first sale - she's new. As she showed us her purchases she'd say things like: I especially liked the plaid in this scarf because of the burgundy and I bought three! E did well and took good advantage the special shopping hours by buying things that would not be available all day.
L was true to her nature and made careful and thoughtful buys including the most adorable hat for her niece who is held dear.


Each friend had her own pile of things and as each friend described her favorites one couldn't help but wonder if they might take a quick trip downstairs for one more scarf or hat.
A bought beautiful jewel-colored things that perfectly complimented her clothes.
R bought so many pairs of gloves! Her entire extended family must be getting gloves for Christmas!
N bought handbags for his nieces.
D made bold choices - bright colors, metallic threads, wild prints.
A was unnerved by the size of the sale. I'll go back with her tomorrow to make some sense of it.
We'll work out a way so the receptionist has longer than a 30 minute break so she can shop.

I'm sitting, now, looking over at my scarf pegs in my room and can see some mistakes from last year. I've decided to bring them to the office tomorrow and leave them in the break-room. I'm sure they'd be perfect for someone and I need room on the hooks for this year's bounty.

How lucky are we?


Scot said…
Make sure you get yourself something warm. Our terribly cold weather is headed your way. Our high today was 6, we're hoping to hit 7 tomorrow. Buy your staples tomorrow and prepare for a cold, Cold, COLD front to hit you in the next ffew days.

Any brightly colored, 20 ft long men's scarfs? :o)
Paola said…
Sounds just fantastic.
Anonymous said…
What's fantastic is you going back today to help someone who is overwhelmed. Carol
Anonymous said…
Another urban pleasure...sample sales. I do enjoy this experience (vicariously) each year.
kmkat said…
What a good way to recyc-, er, recover from last year's mistakes. You are a dear.
What a day! But you didn't show us what you bought. And I love the idea of leaving things in the "break-room" for others to pick up. Does that happen often? Because if not I see you starting a new tradition.

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