nearly upon us

We are busy! The big boys seem to have endless parties/friends in town/concerts/club dates to attend, Youngest is just coming out of final exam coma, and K and I are doing some mini entertaining. The other night I drove a bit to visit the fellow one might refer to as my childhood sweetheart. He has a beautiful little antique home near where we went to school and a lovely wife (for as many years as K and I are married) and my favorite party food ever: a six foot hero.

You may be pleased to know that I had a slice of the American end as well as one from the Italian end. I am attempting to forget how much I weigh for the holiday break.
They had the most enormous Christmas tree ever, with thousands of lights. Really.

I'm a little pissed with Flickr. The new beta version doesn't have embed code, shows my Untitled at the bottom of each photo and is wonky to use. The old version has me look at other people's photos when I open it and is wonky to use. I need them to get their shit together.

I've made paper shapes. A designer in the office made them and I was intrigued. It wasn't easy but provided me with mindless work one morning - like doing a difficult jigsaw puzzle in 30 minutes. They are each one piece of paper.

We've bought spoons (and, well, eyebrow pencils) and can now feed K's family posole for dinner on the 29th. We didn't have enough spoons to give 17 people soup, you see.
Now all is right with the world.

We visited a new archery range yesterday. Less busy than the one in the city, no one was friendly, making the decision about where K might practice difficult.

THIS fucking kills me every time I look at it!

The Angel of Deaf.
I tell you, I'm crying.

Here - watch this. I'm meeting a friend, doing some shopping and then EATING THE CAVIAR SHE'S BRINGING.
The champagne is on ice.


Scot said…
Hey, I got your email right before I came to work.
YES I made the cake and it is amazing! Every bite tastes like sunshine and makes my mouth very happy. I do have one reservation though. I SHOULD have used a 9" or even a 10" springform pan because it rose up and spilled all over my nice clean oven. Damn! I don't know if that's a Colorado altitude thing or not, but this sucker made a mess in my oven. If anyone sees Nigela, tell her she owes me a clean oven.
I broke the clementines up before putting them in my food processor because the one I ate whilst boiling the others had seeds.
I'm also thinking I might try a cream cheese icing or an orange marmalade glaze.
Do try it, if anything, at the very least, for the smell. My house smelled SOOOOOO GOOOOOOD!!!!!
Paola said…
Love that CHristmas video!
Scot said…
Hi Paola,
Happy Holidays!
Anonymous said…
Sounds like swell stuff all around--including extra spoons and caviar.
Good luck on the archery range. I can imagine finding the right fit could be tough.
That tree is magnificent.
And the video was terrific.
RW said…
merry christmas.
it's been ages since I have managed to get my hands on a laptop!
so much going on.
hope you enjoy your days off with your family bb.