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K has thought, for a long time, that he'd like to take up archery.
One thing or another got in the way every time he tried, but this last two weeks he managed to dip his toes in it.
Yesterday, we all went and, while I watched and teased Oldest (make the arrows hit THE CIRCLES), they had a pretty swell time.


The guy who runs the place is incredibly knowledgeable and spent time with each of them lending instruction and notes on form. (He packs heat and a badge too.)


Oldest was not, by a long shot, the most interesting looking guy there. (See what I did there? Long shot?)


Youngest, who had archery in school for four years, had a rough day and lots of homework waiting for him. He was dismayed to point out that the small boy (who spoke only Italian) in the foreground, shot better.


Youngest tends to be very serious in these kinds of situations.


Middle shot well. I managed to be able to see him make a bulls-eye.


Perhaps I took this one so I could describe the place?
Wall to wall people with bows and arrows and arm thingy's and quivers and sites and cases and Chinese food and crossword puzzles and special gloves and finger covers, milling about waiting for their turn to shoot. I spent three hours moving out of people's way, behind the LINE. It was difficult for me to be able to see the boys shoot without standing on a chair but the fellas had a great good time and that's what counts.


Paola said…
Here's something I would like to try too, it sounds interesting indeed.

Did I ever tell you I love K's hair? I really do.

Darn Italian boys ... lol

The 'stache!

Green with envy for Middle's waistline. GREEN.
L.P. said…
Oh, this made me nostalgic. My K and kids were ardent archers (my daughter still is but she's not able to get to it very often). I have their bow hanging on my studio wall.
Anonymous said…
Sounds like this outing hit the mark for all of them! This is a sport my kids have expressed interest in. Perhaps one day...

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