I'm sure you are all wondering where I am

Well, I'm here. I've decorated and shopped and been going to work and on field trips for work and planning the holiday party at work and buying a new stove for work.
I'm sure I have photos somewhere, but the point is: I just need to get to tomorrow at 5:00.
Like a marathon without the running.

In the meantime, whilst I compile a giant post in my head, you should go, right now, and read the entire archive of this blog.
People, this woman, Victoria Elizabeth Barnes, is like reading Poppy, mixed with a little Wendy, with a dash of Susie (these three blog friends of mine are barely blogging, but still).
Go now and read - you'll thank me.

The holiday party is tonight and I'm wearing an $8 Old Navy sequined tank top.


Anonymous said…
I was totally wondering, so thank you for checking in. I will definitely be checking out that splendid looking blog. Have fun tonight in your sparkly sparkles.

Linda said…
Taking the opportunity to thank-you for the pleasure your blogging provides.

Wishing the bird family peace and contentment over the festive season.

Robin said…
I have been reading Ms. Barns' blog, and I was probably made aware of it here. She is funny, clever and full of surprises.
kmkat said…
I plan to spend the all the time remaining until Christmas reading Ms. Barnes' blog. Happily, the presents are all purchased. Tragically, they may not get wrapped.
Paola said…
Um, I've been MIA much longer than you haven't checked in here. Sorry.
Will try and get to read the new blog, looks intriguing.