fa la la la laaaaaa

It was the latest Christmas waking in family history.
Sometime around 7:00 it was cold in the house and some of my family was stirring, so we met in the living room.
There were surprises (a NASA flight suit that Middle had eyed last summer), and thoughtful gifts (I know K doesn't like getting clothes but he needed a coat so badly), and funny presents (the boys got boxer shorts) and, I think, everything was successful.


I was thrilled to have a skirt via Quotidienne.

I asked for a carpet! I had fallen in love with the carpets in the house we rented in October.

Middle gave me a box of the most beautiful Blackwing pencils.
Oldest gave me the cloud poster I wanted and Youngest got me a teapot.

Youngest got some lovely books.

Middle. In his flight suit.

A special surprise from K to me -

a bottle of wine from Blackbird Vineyards.

It's hard to think of things for Oldest, but supplies for work are always appreciated.
Star Wars things are always loved.

And, so, with Santa hats and new cozy slippers, we sat down for some tea and pastries from the bakery.
There's still lots of Christmas left for us to celebrate with dinners with both sides of our families and some down-time too.
Next up: dinner with my mom, brother and his wife.
Roast pork and vegetables.

More later.


LOVE the flight suit! Is Youngest reading Fingerprint?
Miz S said…
Merry Christmas, blackbird. Looks like you had a nice one. xoxo.
Anonymous said…
Decadent in a perfect sort of way--and peaceful, too--I like how you celebrate! I also prefer a few well-chosen gifts than a mountain of random crap.
Anonymous said…
Merry Christmas, bb! Well, it's the day after now. I hope the new year will be happy and healthy for you and all the bb men.

Enjoy the final few days of twenty-thirteen.

Paola said…
A NASA flight suit!
Blackbird vineyard wine!
I love you guys!

Yes, I need all these exclamation points!
Scot said…
What a cool looking box-of-bottle! I hope the wine is as good as the packaging. Looks like you guys had a great morning.
I just noticed you have a Maltese Falcon! Nice...
I like the blue wrapping paper with the snowflakes on it. I bought some a lot like that. But the best...I found wrapping paper with Scotty Dogs on it! How great is that?