Christmas, part 3 or 4, I've lost track

We're having K's family to dinner tonight and we've been scurrying around for a couple of days to get ready.
I think nearly everything is in place. The living room has been re-arranged for maximum seating and a spot for cheese, the dining room has been transformed into the buffet station, the front porch is God's Refrigerator and there's a wicker hamper for the gifts for the swap.
K is making his Posole and people are bringing all manner of additions.
Rain is promised for the whole day, I've got laundry to fold, and I still don't seem to be writing many posts, do I?

Here are some things to look at starting off with three great things I saw on The Grommet which is yet another shopping site.

1. Does your drain get clogged with hair? I cannot figure out if this is genius or disgusting. Weigh in, why don't you?

2. I am quite certain I want some of this - I'm just not sure why or what for.

3. Is this neat or too old lady-ish?

Post-Christmas notes:

I adore the rug in the kitchen. The floor in there is icy cold and hard. The colors make me happy.

Youngest's headphones broke. I had ordered them, at his request, from a supplier in Tokyo. I wrote to them yesterday and not only did they send me an Amazon gift card, but they apologized and told me not to send them back. Please dispose of gifts without returning. Handy as shipping things to Japan is not my favorite thing.

Quite possibly the best gift I've given so far is the set of Moo business cards which I customized into a matching game for my wee little cousin F.

(Little cousin F! When she was even smaller!)
I grabbed 25 photos of her from the day she was born through last summer and uploaded  each of them twice onto Moo's deluxe, round-edged business cards. Youngest designed a logo to personalize the set and I had them within a few days. I could hardly wait to give them to her and we all had a great time playing with them. My friend C, who is well-educated in the ways of small children told me that little kids love looking at pictures of themselves and the game was a great hit. I highly recommend it and am available if you, too, become frustrated during the process (there are few tricky bits).

Finally, it was my niece's birthday last week and I'm looking forward to giving her a present this afternoon. In a stroke of genius, I tracked down her favorite things on Etsy and bought a couple from one seller. I'm excited because I know she wishes for the things I've bought but also because buying things from Etsy is always such a pleasant experience. The presents arrived beautifully wrapped with a pretty card and a nice note. I do do a lot of shopping at Amazon, I can't help it. Things are cheaper and I have free shipping and they have everything! But Etsy sellers are actual people and I have never been disappointed with a product or my interactions with the shopkeepers. Lovely all around.

Laundry beckons.


Anonymous said…
Happy celebrating!
Those front porch coolers are ideal for that size of crowd.

On the matter of your grommets, etc: genius, fascinating, old lady.

Also genius: that gift idea.

Etsy is a wonderful way to shop. Particularly if you don't live near clever little shops filled with Etsy-type things.
Adventure Otaku said…
That rug really ties the room together.

L.P. said…
The rug is perfect! Just the thing for a chilly, black-and-white floor (which I love, by the way).
RW said…
Our laundry is under control.
It has been a very quiet Sunday.

We are eating our cheese and while it has been delightful I have to say I am looking forward to a time when all the fancy food is gone.

I love Moo cards.
In fact I am working on a similar type project. Fancy that.

Ann Martin said…
I LOVE that you did a matching game with MOO cards. I ordered from them recently and needed more help than I care to admit. Loved the end result though. Etsy? Yes! Completely agree... everything I've ordered has been wonderful. There is nothing like surprising someone with something they've already picked out. Win-win all 'round. Happy New Year!
Anonymous said…
play cards against humanity, you'll have a blast
kmkat said…
I ordered that magnetic button thingy within seconds of seeing it. If it works as well as I expect, it will be featured on my blog and everyone who knits shawls and shawlettes and scarves will want one. You (and I) will be personally responsible for making that inventor a gazillionaire.

That matching card idea is GENIUS! BRILLIANT! I may steal it, TIA!

Must close, have used up my allotment of exclamation points for the year.
Judith said…
I'm a total fan of that rug. In fact, I covet it. The pattern and colours are great, and I love that it stays with red-black-white, with no yellow or green or anything to mess it up :)

Sugru: been loving it from afar but have not ordered yet, since I mean to first get a list of little projects together on where to use it. You can get it directly from their page as well, and they have a lot of fun examples by users. ( )

The drain thing: probably works, but I think the gag factor remains :P
I use a little sieve-thingy above my drain and just got one with even smaller holes than the previous one. Works well for me.

Grommets: looks cute. I'd be worried about getting it too close to a cell phone or similar thing and messing it up. Had to laugh at the lady in the comments who tried to get the site-owners to put in writing that magnets don't affect cell phones or other devices. Nice try though.

A wonderful new year to you and yours! I've been reading, but hardly commenting, for a while now, and keep enjoying that window in your life. Thank you!