Happy birthday to our sweet Middle.
Here he is at, perhaps, four years old, asleep with his best pal Muttsey.

We're all sitting around (Youngest in complete costume) waiting for him to wake up so we can give him our presents!

He is 23 today, people, and if that doesn't amaze you I'm not sure what will.
It's burgers and whiskey tonight, just the way he likes it, with lemon cake - usually for breakfast the morning after.
Happy day.


Paola said…
Look at THAT!
23 shocks me, it does.
Have a fantabulous day, Middle dear.
Hilary said…
Happy birthday middle! What a sweet picture
Susie Sunshine said…
Happy, happy Birthday!

(That photo just made my day. Wee blondie! Muttsey! Snuggley quilt in perfect colors!!!!! <3)
kmkat said…
Happiest of birthdays to Middle!
Anonymous said…
Glad you were born, Middle. Enjoy the day, everyone!

L.P. said…
RW said…
I miss visiting here. We have a serious laptop shortage. I am working solely with my iPhone - not so easy to read blogs.
but tonight - I am catching up.
enjoy the weekend.
Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday, Middle!

Duyvken said…
Argh! So cute! happy birthday dear one.
Anonymous said…
Happy belated birthday. He looked like a cute little kid.