shopping at Etsy

It's probably not terribly fair to the shopkeepers but I always have a full cart at my Etsy account.
I see things I like and, instead of bookmarking them, I figure out my size (unless they are household goods) and put them in my cart.
I tell myself that the next time I need a top for an outfit or my summer wardrobe looks shabby I will actually purchase a couple of things.
And, aside from gifts for other people, I never have.
So, today, I thought I'd see what it would be like if I bought everything I've stowed.


I really want to try a pair of these. I know, I KNOW, but they might be incredibly comfortable WHILE being also ridiculous.


I like this twisty top. It camouflages some things.

Then there's this.


I like it very much...although this one


has thumb-holes which I love. Tough choices, people, during the fantasy shopping.

And how could I not love this skirt, which is not presently available.


In fact, I'd lovelovelove to have this skirt (click on the grey wool maxi skirt and swoon with me).

I'll take a pair of these too. Or two.


They appear, to me, to have all the good qualities of leggings without any of the discomfort.

AND I love these.


Finally, this. I want this.


So, how much does my fantasy spree come in at?
About $500.
Would I ever order it all?
I haven't. Yet.


RW said…
OK those pants up top.. I made several pairs of them back in the day....

I have been away... so much has happened.

Happy November BB!
Adventure Otaku said…
In the outdoor industry, thumb holes, are called monkey paws.

I don't know why.

Crazy Mom! said…
I just can't get behind those pants. Hammer time. Or made for that guy with the 128 lb. scrotum.

BB, you need some COLOR! Try Red - it goes with grey and black very nicely.

Think about it.

Like you, I lurve Etsy. 'Smarvelous!
Anonymous said…
I like the look of those twisty/wrappy clothes but I fear I'd get tangled up while getting dressed.
Paola said…
For me it's a NONO to those pants. I never liked them, not even on the tallest, skinniest people. Sorry. Leggings, maybe.
But I have to say the total is not too bad at all. Go for it.
Paola said…
Mokey paws!!!
Love it.

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