in which Middle assists with the blogging

Blah blah blah, no time, etc. etc..
I know.
I did have lunch with Eleanor yesterday and it was like she never left. It was exactly like she lives down the block (and, in fact, she does stay down the block).
We talked about many things, but the fact of the matter is: I think I have to move in with these people.

In the meantime, whilst I sat and had a huge dish of lentils, Middle was at Toys R Us taking pictures for me.
Herewith: his report.


Hudson looks exactly the way he does through all of the alien movies.


Changing the hat!

Me: The HELL?

It's a display showing what you can do with them.



Middle loves dinosaurs and will not let me get rid of his Jurassic Park toys.


He was very excited to see that Tonka trucks are metal again.



Legends of CHIMA?!?! What?!


I asked him to say hi to Barbie for me.

And he put his seal of approval on this:


I asked why he shot it - I just noticed it, I think it's good.

Then, this morning, whilst at my desk, he sent this.

Which, if I think about it, rings true.

We await a monsoon, people, and I'm thanking my lucky stars I'm not in the parade.


Adventure Otaku said…
The only thing I would correct in the Adam corolla rant - which is spot on by the way, and I can tell you why cameramen are like that - But I have worked with Gordon willis, academy award winning cinematographer for Annie Hall, and he was prima donna pain in the ass.

Scot said…
What do you want to bet that the Legends Of Chima is made in China?

Hey, I need your help. I gotta find a very specific wedding gift. I have looked all over the place for cufflinks that are shaped like the letters D, J, J, and T.
You, and apparently Middle also, seem to have a knack for finding the extraordinaire. If you find some whilst shopping will you let me know ASAP?
kmkat said…
I sent the cameraman YouTube link to our neighbor, who is a cameraman for the CBS affiliate in Mpls.
L.P. said…
Yay for metal Tonka trucks! I remember buying them from Goodwill when my kids were little, the metal ones were a good score.
Anonymous said…
Why anyone thought a Tonka truck could be made of anything LESS than metal is beyond me.
Happy Thanksgiving--in your warm house and NOT holding on to the end of a rope.
Duyvken said…
You are welcome anytime! I adore lunching with E and seeing her practically glowing after the MOOC made it even better than usual. A.
kkc135 said…
I enjoyed listening about camera men right up to the point where he says pilots never complain…..HA! Been around enough of them to know better!
"Changing the hat"

People are idiots.

(PS - I've CUDDLED baby Poppy)