November 23, 2013

hither and yon, photo dump, random

I've started Christmas shopping.
I hope to finish by Thanksgiving.

I had an errand to run near one of my favorite browsing stores....


HA! Kidding again. I sent this photo to an office friend to ask which dress she thought I should wear to the holiday party. Obviously, the black one for so many reasons.


I was here.


It was overwhelming and wonderful.
I couldn't stay long.


But I saw fascinating things.


I bought this.
For the lobby of my office.


Also, this week -


A meeting at the very swanky King Cole bar. With some very posh people. Whom I cannot mention, followed by a posh event at Bergdorf Goodman where I spied this lady, with whom I fell IN LOVE.

On the home front:


Flying fish sandwiches (the second to last batch from Barbados).


Macaroni pie.


And, a little dessert.

I'm off!
Housework, decoration-making, breakfast.


Wendy said...

That rug would be perfect in my dining room. Though now it has a drum set instead of a table in it.

Anonymous said...

Hi bb! Those eggies look divine, omg. Hope your weekend is wonderful. I'm off to Target, Trader Joe's, a ballet lesson and bike riding with the kiddos today.


L.P. said...

That rug is perfect for pretty much anywhere.

What are those glass tube-like things, ornaments? They look like something from an alchemist. Needless to say, I'm fascinated!

Interesting how candy is regional, I have never heard of Goldenberg's Peanut Chews. Looks scrumptious, though.

alice c said...

On the plus side you know where to go when your company has a Pink day.

kkc135 said...

What I found fascinating is the sign at the "dress shop" picture….."Sprinklers Throughout Building"…as if everyone would need a cold shower afterwards…..ewww! Happy decorating!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Ah, but the hot pink number on the far right is SO daring and festive for any occasion...involving a pole.
Here's to having a good sense of humor as the holidays approach. We all need one.

Scot said...

Is it just my imagination or does the little hooker in the pink dress have a black eye?

And did you ask the bartender what the secret is in the Old King Cole mural is? Their menu looks fantastic.

I'm with L.P., what are those tube things? They look truly gross AND expensive!

Paola said...

Ms. Fargo looks divine indeed.
I refuse to comment on those fishnet/rippedout numbers up there, only because I could never pull them off, that is ...
I won't google any of the posh places you mention in order to avoid tears and sorrow.
Christmas. UGH.

Duyvken said...

Oh I love that rug! I am trying to put together a photo slideshow for my mum's birthday party this weekend but it is tedious uploading all these photos and now you have given me some lovely links so that I can procrastinate. It is much needed so thank you!