Happy Thanksgiving

I kept waking up last night!
I dreamed that K left me on a cruise boat, and that I had failed at a job as a nanny, but the truth of it is that I my thoughts were with my friends who are standing in very cold temperatures waiting to hear if they will march with our balloon.
I've just read this article which describes the situation perfectly.
Last year we got special instruction on dealing with the wind as the intersections were especially windy and had to lower our balloon at each cross-street, which is a lot of work!

Anyway, I hope everyone tucks into a wonderful meal and has a great day.


NorahS said…
Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, bb!
L.P. said…
Happy Thanksgiving to all! Hope your friends manage to stay warm during the balloon rodeo.
Anonymous said…
Happy Thanksgiving, bb. I hope you are spending it with your, boys, your ma and your FAOA.

Speaking of dreams, I had a funny dream the other night about you, actually. That I was your house guest, and that I did everything wrong while I was staying with you (not meanly, just out of nerves/idiocy)--I slept in the wrong bed, forgot to clean up after myself, etc....but your BOSS was also there, and he kept trying to smooth things over for me, by fixing everything up before you found me out. What the heck?!