Black Friday random

I try to not leave the house on Black Friday, and, if you saw the condition of my house, you'd see it may be perfectly possible to remain occupied for Holy Shit Saturday as well.

I'm never awake long enough to see Saturday Night Live.

We need a new runner on our stairs. I am overwhelmed, but they are all lovely.

I need a Christmas present for a six year old boy. I am overwhelmed, but I assume he does not play with toys. I am leaning toward a Furby.

I might have to get one of these. I just, I can't, couldn't coat choices are a mess. My huge down coat zipper is a little gafucked, my wool coat is not warm and the lining is shredded.  Might I slip this under my beloved trench and wear it all winter?

I am diligently cutting pieces for our holiday garland and trying not to watch Love Actually too soon! I've got a plenty of time!

I think Jimmy Fallon is okay, but The Roots? In the back room (or whatever that place is)? Priceless. Here they are with Mariah.

This is the kind of story I love. LOVE.


I made this for dessert yesterday and it turned out! Okay, I had a wee little problem with the crust, but still...

Next order of business: clean up my room and take stock of the Christmas purchases.


NorahS said…
I'm staying home today, too. I will venture out tomorrow for groceries.

I have a boy about that same age to shop for. I am looking at this:

Amazon has similar things all one color, in many colors for about $10.
I wasn't going to go out today, but we won't have enough half and half for Saturday morning coffee. I'll go to the teeny tiny Aldi store up the street.

I thought the balloons were flying lower than usual yesterday.
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
I just placed a legos order for a seven year old boy, my nephew, and I am excited picturing the squeal of delight when he sees it Christmas morning, as my sister-in-law has reported in the past. Carol
alice c said…
Sometimes it feels as if every Saturday is Holy Shit Saturday when I write out the list of chores. Housework is not a strong gene in my family.
Wendy said…
We've worn through some of the warp threads on our runners and I'm avoiding the issue of choosing new ones.

Get the down coat. Here in the midwest we care more about warmth than fashion. Every other inch of you is fabulous, it'll more than compensate for the jacket.

Hit one store today - a darling shop a few blocks from the house. Worth going out. The rest of the day the girls and I watched tv on the sofa. Perfect black friday activity.
Paola said…
So Black Friday is taking over here as well apparently, only online for now though.
Sorry for being MIA but lots of things going on, nothing bad but just time consuming. No time to check my beloved blogs, or play WWF ... :(
Crazy Mom! said…
K'nex would be a good present.

No Black Friday for me! I stayed home and made more turkey!
Also shopping for a new stair runner. Dash & Albert overwhelms me totally. Settled for plain jute but afraid dog claws are going to shred it to shit.
heidi said…
Just say NO to the Furby! (unless you'd like to punish the parents.)
Duyvken said…
I love the Dash and Albert rugs. Can't wait to see which you choose.
Scot said…
I wonder if Oldest had the same horrified reaction to Lester that I did. He's not a barber, he's a sheep shearer.(that works on so many levels!)
That's the only Mariah Carey song I ever liked, and that's only because that little girl sings it in LOVE ACTUALLY!
The corn meal in that recipe sounds a bit coarse. Maybe this is where that matzo meal would work better.
You know how, when you're making a graham cracker crust you pulverize them in the food processor and add melted butter then press it into a pan? I bet if you did that with vanilla wafers instead, it would make a better crust for your pie. They sound like lemon bars. That's what I do when I make lemon bars.

New Favorites:
I bought this Sarah McLachalan concert on dvd. I was laying on the couch reading when this song started. It made me sit up and take notice...BIG TIME... Train Wreck has always been one of my favorites, that and Possession.
Anonymous said…
I work in retail, our black friday started at 6pm on thursday.
Anonymous said…
When I saw that SNL sketch, I thought of you.
And I do love those Roots.
And I do love to stay home and far away from the Black Friday/Weekend madness.