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Poppy, whom I adore, was worried as I haven't been blogging much. She was afraid something had occurred, but we are well and busy.
The truth of it is there is often no time to write and it disappoints me too to only share links.
Here at the bird house we are gearing up for the holidays.
I have officially retired from my position in the parade...I have a frozen shoulder which pains me, it is a hell of a lot of work, and we've been blessed by good weather these past three years. Were the temperatures lower, the wind stronger, or had it rained, my incredible experience would have been anything but. The past few mornings, whilst walking to work, I noticed that the crosswinds were mighty at the intersections - that kind of thing is treacherous with a massive balloon and though we were always carefully monitored by our captains and pilots, I don't think - actually I know, I am not strong enough to pull that balloon in high wind. So there's that.
We're making lists of presents we'd like to give each other, which is fun now that the kids are older. Perhaps I mentioned that the boys spent weeks plotting and pooling their money and bought K a smoker for Christmas? They spent time deciding between that and a snow blower and, then, every time we reaped the benefits of that smoker they toasted their smart thinking.

Oldest: gentlemen, I'd like to point out that it hasn't snowed once this season and we are sitting here partaking of homemade bacon.
Middle and Youngest (raising their milk-glasses): cheers to that!

Do you find that, whilst making lists of gifts you want to buy for people, you see a million things you'd like to have for yourself? This is slightly easier if you have grown children who might buy one of those things for you.

Some things:

I love this shirt and it is perfect for Middle who is always FINE.

I am definitely doing this to our dining room ceiling. I have the materials and am starting SOON.

Possible phrases.

Beautiful and fascinating photographs. A little sad, too.

I'm just saying.

I'd like our bedroom in gray.

The beautiful house we just stayed in has me dreaming of some rugs...which are surprisingly affordable.

Great experiments for kids (grown-ups too).

We can't stop talking about this.

Here's your video from Middle.
Mr. Letterman doesn't often ask for encores.



Wendy said…
I have a swatch of Revere Pewter on my bedroom wall right now. Perhaps over winter break.
Poppy B. said…
The only thing more beautiful than the Schoolhouse loot is those photographs. WOW.

(Did you notice how many of the men were absolutely decked out and wearing a version of makeup? Makes you wonder ... why don't guys get to be flamboyant in Western countries, hmmm?)
Scot said…
Hey thanks for that link to Modern Met. That's one I lost when my last computer melted down. I followed the link from there to the Before They Pass Away/Cultures on the Brink of Extinction site and WOW! I spent hours there looking at the amazing photos and reading about cultures I never think about. The photos are stunning. I made wallpapers out of many.
Also, the national news , on Friday evening, discussed how that Volvo ad was done without CGI, just a safety harness. DAMN!
And, the night The Heavy was on Letterman was the same night that song went on my iPod! Thank Middle for the reminder. Great stuff. Thankfully Letterman occasionally asks for encores:
Definitely one of those things I love about the season, EVERY YEAR! Now if he'd only bring back BB King & Christina Agulira...
All of that is tres pleasing.

I too dream of a grey bedroom, but it's having to paint the ceilings as well which puts the kybosh on my plans.
Paola said…
Always food for thought here. On many levels, scales and arguments.
Also, is it Christmas already???
Anonymous said…
That is a cool decorating idea.
It's funny, this year all I want are new slippers and pajamas. We're in our last "Santa" year and I'm looking forward to how things will be freed up after we're done with that pretense.

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