with K, for his birthday

I'm taking K fishing for his birthday tomorrow.
We're staying here.

It's on a little hill just above the river, and it's going to be cold as hell up there this weekend.

We won't mind.
We'll be here -

and here,

and here.

K will fish and we'll explore some lovely little towns and we'll have friends over on Saturday evening.

And we'll celebrate his birthday.

I nearly forgot. Here's where he'll fish.

I'll tell you all about it next week.



Susie Sunshine said…
Sending fishy good wishes to K from Michigan (where we have LOADS of fish-filled water, btw)

I am so in love with that stove. Please return with loads of vintage stove porn for me. Mwah!
Happy Birthday to K!
Love the house. It looks very comfortable and cozy.
Hope you all have a great time.
alice c said…
Oh! Oh! Such a romantic cottage.

Happy Day K - have a wonderful weekend. Looks like it is going to be grilled fish for supper.
L.P. said…
That cottage does look romantic! How sweet to take him fishing.
Anonymous said…
What a great gift--happy birthday to K. Cannot imagine that weekend will be anything but splendid.
Anonymous said…
Happy birthday to K! What a wonderful getaway. The place looks perfect. But I'm envisioning K hitting his head on the ceiling in the kitchen....and I know he's an amazing cook, so I know he'll be spending time in there. Report back so that I don't have to worry.

Have fun!

Paola said…
Look at that.
A movie in the making.
Buon compleanno mio caro K!
Unknown said…
what a gorgeous cabin!!
ann said…
hi.. can we see a pic of new coat and scarf???