so we've been sitting in a hallway for about 9 hours

But the care Middle is getting is undeniably superior.
I'm a little edgy though, so I thought I'd post some links! To distract us!

It simply is my duty, I feel, to send you over to see Victoria Elizabeth Barnes's (is that right?) blog.
She's perfectly crazy in the most wonderful way. You really ought to encourage her to post more often.

K just finished a big shoot and is preparing for another and for THAT shoot he needed one of these!
And who will be the proud owner of one of those after the shoot? Meeeeeee.

Do you know your hospital emergency codes? I'll bet Kim does. We're learning them. Someone just called a stroke code. It gives one pause.

Dutch style. Enjoy. From here.

The Earth From The Moon.

When Oldest was a tiny boy he had two small toy mice: Teh, and Darinda. They looked just like this.

I love pictures of clouds.

I could use some.

Middle is doing better, thank you all. We await the benefits of IV fluids.

He recommends this video.


Scot said…
Yuck, I hate morphine. I makes everything swimmy and unfocused. Hard to control. Is he alright? Do you have a prognosis?
Tell him I said if he's going to wear a nightgown like that, he should have shaved. I want to look your best when you're dressed like that! :o)
Hope you're all better.
I had two shots of morphine on Sunday night and highly recommend it. There were lots of Code Blues and Yellows at Royal North Shore ER that night. They apologised for it taking so long to see a Dr because two major traumas came in. They'd given me some hillbilly heroin to tide me over so I was doing OK. Are you still there? What is the prognosis? Or should that read diagnosis?
Anonymous said…
Still praying for recovery--your poor son. You and your family seem to take the hospital life in stride--I am impressed.
Cute mice. "Cute" is too lame to describe them.
L.P. said…
I'm glad he's feeling better! Still, sitting for hours in a hospital is grueling, hang in there.

And those mice are adorable.
Paola said…
still there uh? That steamer is definitely something to be looking forward to. If you like clouds pics you should definitely look for Fabio on FB, he loves clouds and all their changes and colours and forms.
I am thinking of you, strong vibes and happy thoughts.

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