notes on a Sunday morning

Ho hum, home from Germany and a rock concert (at which I was a more than willing participant, I should point out to some) I managed to make it through a week at work. I even got a flu shot on Friday. Did I ever tell you about Middle's flu shot theory? It doesn't translate well into type but it's pretty damn funny so, if you meet me, ask me about it. He's had one too. They were keen, at the hospital, to give him free drug counseling (he demurred), a free/anonymous HIV test (he agreed that it's a great policy and declined) or a flu shot. During his release they pressed for any of the three for the tenth time and he relented on the flu shot. I've never really believed in flu shots before (though for Youngest it's proven essential as he's been hospitalized with flu) but when offered a free one at work I've had them.
There. I've spent a paragraph on flu shots.
Everyone is busy at my house.
Oldest is just home from a semi-regular dog/house sitting stint at which he purchased the babka to outshine all babkas. It's a killer and amazing. He's done some construction work this week and has some tattoo work lined up.
Middle has been shooting/editing all week.
K has been shooting and is now editing.
Youngest has, after a great deal of soul-searching, chosen his major (Graphic Design).
And I? I still haven't done my expenses from the Germany trip, have been workingworkingworking and am looking forward to a surprise for K's birthday next week. (Not a surprise party, just a surprise.)

From My Desktop/Tabs I Have Open/Random Links:

On Tuesday I am attending an event here at which I'll see this lovely lady.

Have I mentioned this page? I think K has done a couple of recipes successfully and it's such a pretty site.

Matthew Baldwin is doing a month of posts about his son that are moving and informative - those two words diminish the depth of his writing, for that I apologize.

I'm not sure how to explain Tydepool but I want everything they highlight, especially this.

I'm nearly out of tea. Recommendations are being accepted. Decaf, Earl Grey, loose leaf please.

I could use a pot too - my little enamel one is a bit rusty. With actual rust.

I'm feeling want-y. I want this too.

And this.

And the VDJ sweater here.

But it's not my birthday coming up. It's K's.

Photos From My Phone:


Look at these tinies! He is allowed to play the fish game on dad's iPad. She is allowed to watch.


Inspired by my love of the unofficial motto of IT, my friend A made me this tee.


My co-worker, K, and I have secured the location for the holiday party...steps away from Anthro where we both fell in love with this jingly bag.


If one must bring a teenager to the dentist on Saturday mornings, it's nice that they have good magazines.
Where I saw these -



Heh. K shot on a green-screen last week.

I was listening to this.



Jen on the Edge said…
We had to make flu shots/flu mist a mandatory thing in my family seven years ago when my father was first diagnosed with cancer and his immune system was compromised by years of chemotherapy. We discovered that we stay a lot healthier in the winter as a result, so we've continued with the shots every year.
Scot said…
That picture of chocolate babka INSTANTLY made me want some. Damn, that looks good. Try it with hazelnut butter!
I tried to find matzo meal yesterday and came home empty handed. I doubt if I could find babka.
I'm making a ricotta cheesecake that' staking FOREVER!!!
I've tried a few recipes from Food52 before. I like the spice combos and the things she/they(?) do with rhubarb.
Usually I check out
even thgough she hasn't posted in a few weeks. Still, her archives are worth checking out.
Anonymous said…
As ever, your taste is exquisite.
We don't do flu shots. We do vaccinations, so we're not weirdos, but we don't believe in the flu shot. I'd love to hear Middle's theory.
Your life sounds full and well and busy.
Crazy Mom! said…
I luff Roz Chast.

My I go to your event with you on Tuesday? Look slike a lovely fun thing