notes from Sunday

Look at this great text message I got the other night. That's me, in the blue.


I mean, sure, it wasn't meant for me, but just for that night I was, apparently, the quan. And, in truth, I sort of am, the quan (kwan, quon) I've just kept it to myself all this time.

And, while we're looking at my phone,


I updated the OS on my phone and took my time getting used to it and then read these recommendations and I changed the things outlined above even though I have NO idea what they meant or even how it benefited me.
My phone is a bit of a mystery to me as I'm sure K is not surprised to hear as I blew through my data plan twice while I was in Germany by having set things incorrectly or sending huge files to my boss. Woe is me when it comes to my phone.

It's a busy time at my office. The fall is always busy.


But I like it. There's a bunch of Ugly Dolls around the place from a project a while ago and they are, interestingly, comforting. I've found myself hugging that pink one, spontaneously.


Sometimes I like to grab orphaned papers from the color printer area and hang them up.

I'd like K to build us a table like this. I like our table just fine but I wish it was narrower. And I'd like it to be rougher. Sort of.

How terrific are these?

I'm a little obsessed with the Handkase I had last week.

I've been wearing my Birkenstocks, people. With socks.  

I just finished watching this. It was quite something. I'd do a review but I'm jet-lagged. (Just a little.)(Or lazy.)

I'm still looking for a video of Cuba Gooding talking about the quan.


Scot said…
Lovin' the key tags but I can make them cheaper for you. Fancy fonts and even the dirty words too. Let me know what you need.
Glad you're home safely.
Anonymous said…
Is IMDB characterizing 'The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie' as a comedy? Maybe they lightened the movie, because the book was pretty dark and heartbreaking. Carol
Anonymous said…
That table! Oh!
Those phone settings that you speak of... where does one even FIND those? I haven't seen them.

Love your work walls!