love it/hate it

Go ahead and hate me. I refill the bottle, I realize it's bad to buy plastic-bottled water, but I love it right now.

Hate it: tights, which, usually, I love, but right now are a total pain.

Really appreciating my leather iPhone wallet from Youngest. Perfect for my train ticket.

Hate it: 3:30am or pm.

These would be nice with my iPhone wallet, eh? Love them.

Hate: I'm getting a dozen spam comments a day.

Love it: taking K here for his birthday on Friday.

Love: no excuses.

Love: emails from Etsy. Remind me to buy Christmas presents there, okay?

Love: it's getting cooler every day.

Love: wearing a scarf.

Love: my new coat.

Love: commuting with Youngest.

Love: Words With Friends with Paola.


I have seen 3:30am way too often lately. Hate.
Paola said…
I like those sandals and the iPhone cover.

I love YOU.

(but you know that already)
Wendy said…
How is it that every woman I know is up at 3:30am? It's awful. It makes the later 3:30 particularly hard to bear.
Anonymous said…
Those sandals!
Glad you've got more love than hate right now.
Alison said…
Sandals - want! Who makes them?
blackbird said…
I'm afraid I don't know who makes the sandal!


In what I view with great irony, we pay for Fiji Water (it's a thing here as well) but when Felix and Chef go on the Father Son Fiji Rugby Tour next year they spend about 10 grand on shipping in water because the water there is not safe to drink. True story.

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