I am IN Germany

First of all, between K and me, we've flown lots of carriers. K had a year-long affair with Cathay-Pacific and, though he was flying business class, I hear they are top-notch all around.
Last night I flew Singapore Air for the first time and I've got to say: from those demurely sexy uniforms to the meal service and free socks, it was quite something.
We began with cocktails and peanuts. I mean, who even HAS peanuts on planes nowadays?


We did.
And you can have a Singapore Sling, FYI.


When faced with meal choices on planes (rather than having a shrink-wrapped sandwich tossed at you) I think carefully about my options. Last night, for example, I realized, that ordering Cajun pork wasn't a good choice and I went with the Asian chicken and veg as we were on an Asian airline. It was pretty good! No one who ordered the pork finished it.


So, maybe it doesn't look so good...but that baby bok choy was great. Honest.

Now, I'm at a quirky, spectacularly clean, hotel in the land of this:


Seriously, there are a lot of German cars in Germany.

I'm in the composer district which makes some sense


as I'm am blocks away from this


 the old opera house.

I have lots to tell you - especially about my first German meal which would have K moving here in a heartbeat, but it's got to wait as I simply MUST fix my sleep pattern.
I slept for several nights in a chair last week in the hospital, on a plane last night and have had two naps in Germany.
It's 2:21am. I've got to sleep!


whitneybee said…
I was just there a few weeks ago! I hope you enjoy your time in Deutschland.
Anonymous said…
how I miss the long bar at Raffles....

Paola said…
I was up at 2 last night as well! I should have tried to call you, I even thought you'd be jet lagged, btu then I didn't. I washed dishes instead. Singapore airlines has been among the best airlines for ever along with Cathay but I hear Emirates is the top one. One day I'll try it ... one day.
alice c said…
Now I want a Singapore Sling. Go to sleep and stop tempting me.
Anonymous said…
My only German meal is kase spaetzle, because it's delicious and fun to say. Carol
Anonymous said…
That street scene and fountain makes me swoon.
And good airline experiences...glad to hear you can still find them.