Head Like A Hole

Oh, people.
As if my life has not been exciting enough...Germany, Chicago for a soiree, learning to use Siri.
Last night Middle and Youngest and I ventured to NEW JERSEY to see Nine Inch Nails.
This was no mean feat as it involved: driving to work at 6:00am, parking across town, meeting both boys in the vicinity of the car at the end of the day, DRIVING TO NEW JERSEY, finding the venue, SPENDING A KING'S RANSOM TO PARK THE CAR AGAIN, finding the secret Friends Of NIN entrance to the venue, being frisked and then FINALLY sitting and waiting.


I have no complaints about the show. I'd never seen them/him and love the music.

Middle had general admission tickets, on the floor, and scored a free beer from a sound technician. Youngest and I were seated just to the right, about 30 feet from the stage.


Of course, I have some notes.
Mr. Reznor was wearing drop-crotch black pants, combat boots and a racer-back very long tank top.
Mr. Reznor has very nicely chiseled arms.
Mr. Reznor has a much softer speaking voice than I imagined.
Mr. Reznor cannot be much taller than 5'3" (I'm sure we can check this).
Mr. Reznor, sort of, dances like a girl.
This having been said, he is an amazing performer and thrilling to watch.


The lighting was extraordinary. A show all its own. I sat in awe for part of the concert.


My favorite song?


Somewhat Damaged.

We got home at about 1:00am.
Who needs sleep?!


kmkat said…
You are a SuperMom to go to the concert. I drove Elder Son and some friends to a Tool concert once, but no way I was gonna go in. Had coffee elsewhere and knitted instead.
Anonymous said…
I've never imagined Mr. Reznor as being short, though I know he's soft spoken having heard in him in an interview once. Dances a bit like a lady, eh? THIS is the concert review Rolling Stone will never let you read. Thanks!
Paola said…
Anonymous said…
Um, you are pretty much the coolest. Sleep is overrated when you are being as awesome as you are lately.