Asian Cornish Hen

Go ahead.
Imagine me lifting the dark blue plastic lid covering the dinner plate here in room 517 last night.
Picture the look on our faces when we see the small half of a bird reclining in a dull glaze.
If you can get that far without cracking up, consider us laughing to the point of tears when Middle attempts to tell me that it is an Asian Cornish Hen being offered for dinner. He could barely speak for laughing so hard.

That was the last we saw of it.
Middle had a graham cracker and it didn't go well.

Our roommate is a 96 year-old gentleman with perfect manners and a tiny, skinny frame. He sleeps mostly and does not snore.

I've realized that this is the longest time Middle and I have spent alone together probably since he was born. I'd say that I am able to be helpful about 50% of the time. The other half I am the very worst kind of pain in the ass. I talk too much. I threw out his cup of water. I ask a question he wanted to ask. I don't ask a question he wanted me to ask.
It's a crap shoot.

This evening, K and I will trade places so I can sleep and go to work tomorrow.
We're doing okay, and after just a few more tests and bags of IV fluids we think he'll go home.


NorahS said…
50% is better that I would do, I'm sure. Thinking of all of you and hoping things resolve soon.
Eugh, hospital stays are the absolute pits. Asian Cornish hens. Dear me. Next it'll be Dutch Indian carrots.
L.P. said…
Hope everybody's ok, despite the Asian Cornish Hen Debacle.
Paola said…
Don't beat yourself.
If I were stuck with Brizio alone that long, you would hear us from there.
Anonymous said…
Still praying--am glad to read you have a good roommate in the midst of this.
Stomper Girl said…
I bet, helpful or not-helpful, he feels deep down secure because you are there with him. Hope all is okay and that you and the support team are holding up as well. Take care xxx
Cheery thoughts to having him home soon where you can really get on his nerves. Still, no matter how old a boy gets,when he is sick, he needs his mother.
Unknown said…
so what did they diagnose him with, anyway?
kmkat said…
As the ever-kurious Kat, I also want to know his diagnosis. If you want to share. Your/his call. (Remember to use my gmail addy if you reply.)