October 11, 2013

and, I'm off

It sort of feels like I've been in Germany for weeks but it's really only been since Monday.
I'm tired (long hours, a different bed, so much walking) and looking forward to going home, though some of my co-workers will be here until Sunday.

Some pictures while I wait to board my plane.


My room was quite glamorous, even though I am not. All pink with lots of crystal. The staff was extraordinary, even after I blew the electricity with my portable steamer. I knew everyone at the desk and was made to feel at home from the first moment.


With no real restaurant in the hotel, a friend and I spent a ridiculously funny evening ordering Thai food in. Inedible Thai food. Really. Impossible to eat.


Don't let your car be abgeschleppt!


It's so hard to choose, isn't it? These are posters for children.


This guy. THIS GUY. Booth construction/maintenance. He gets flown around the world to maintain a stark white and very contemporary industry booth. I was on my way out of the exhibit hall last night and had seen him for days. I had to have a photo of him as he was 1: fabulous looking and 2: the only person who really stood out. I told him how great he looked, complimented his work and asked for a photo. He was a good bloke about it and said he gets this all the time (joking).
So, I "blackbirded" one of the most unlikely candidates all week, though I saw lots of great outfits.


For Middle, who appreciates a well-dressed dinosaur.


The entrance to the subway near the university.

I took a very long walk past the dinosaur and the university to get to DM, the German equivalent of Duane Reade (you'll have to look it up).


The BRUSH STORE. How wonderful is that?


I bought this wine for 1 euro, 79. It lasted the whole trip and I even shared on the night of the horrid Thai food mentioned earlier.


The airport has one of those enormous flip boards. I got to see it all change while waiting to check in. I luff it.

And now I am on my way!
Wish me a safe flight and imagine how pleased I am to not be sitting next to the toilet (though one never knows what awaits on the plane).
It was a great trip.


marian said...

Thanks for sharing your trip with us!

Anonymous said...

Wunderbar! But what were you there to do exactly? And how did your amazing new coat work out for you while you were there?


kmkat said...

Foreign countries amazing in unexpected ways. That subway entrance, for one. The brush store, for another.

Was that dinosaur yarnbombed, i.e., was that a knitted or crocheted garment it wore?

Safe travels home!

L.P. said...


What great pictures, love the dino and subway entrance. And the flip board. And the booth construction guy.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Cool dude, subway entrance and brush store. All these details--always one of my favorite things to read here.

Paola said...

I see why you would take a picture of that man. It totally makes sense.
The dynosaur is wearing a Milan shirt?
I HATE Sauvignon Blanc, sorry.
Thai food in Germany: not a good idea.
Hope you had a pleasant flight. My uncle and aunt were upgraded to Business class on their way here! Said it was a hoot.